Friday, May 9, 2008

amber, it is definitely not to soon to send a "hello remember me i'm still interested and also awesome" email. in my opinion. do it!

also, you should all know that i'm sitting at home in a sweatshirt and no pants.

temp temp temping

ohhhh my love for property managment grows and grows with every day that passes..
hahahaha. so today my job entails, answering the phones and checking emails for tenants in the building who call and have spills, or its too cold/hot in their office, or they have bulbs out, or the toilets are on the fritz. joy! hahahahah. its acutally not bad but i dont think i see a future in it.
i am still waiting to hear back from my dream job situation, from you guys should check out the site.. its for a trek coordinator who plans the trips abroad, etc. you can see the job description on jobs at bwb at the top, if that is, you are interested enough to check out the website. what is the etiquet anyway, for checking up on the status of an application? ive figured out that it has been exactly 2 weeks to the day since i applied... does that means its too soon to shoot them an email and just say im checking in? i also applied to be on the committee for planning and volunteering.. just trying to ge tmy foot in the door! this job at the bar is so undependable i want to punch someone. such high hopes..
anyway, i cannot wait till the weather is nice for good! its been nice off and on and teasing us of the summer to come, whcih i cannot wait for! ive decided that i have officailly made two friends. one is named daryl and we haev actually hung out, and the other is named alli and we have hung out in groups, but i can definitly tell that we have a future of alone time hang out sessions. hahha how creepy am i. there is matt, the gay friend that works at the bar who is fabulous, but he is the manager, and the shift supervisor guy that makes the schedule and i am just frusturated with him and the schedule, and cant really tell where our friendhsip will evolve based on teh hierarchy drama. hmm... what is the etiquet for that too? how do i ask him about the schedule deal , as a friend and a concerned employ? do i do it at work? i just dont knwo these things.
anyhoo... i finally got my bbq grill.. my dad actually bought it for us can you believe that? crazy i know. so far we have used it once and i cant really get the feel for it yet because i totally undercooked my food and had dto put it back on the grill 3 times. i will learn. we also got 3 fold out chairs too so that is nice, we have some seating. too bad its in the shade! i cannot wait for you all to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so it looks like cimin may move out in sept, she doesnt like the area. that places a huge dilemma on us becuase she fronts teh biggest chunk of the rent/furniture. hahaha.. jeez louise. utnil then i hope the summer prevails and she stays.

i cant wait to go to burlington and see you nafisa! sorry that i cant be there for the graduation but we can definitly celebrate afterwards!!!! parrttyyy!!!!!!

well gotta go actually do my job. loveee youuu...