Thursday, November 6, 2008

obama fever

Hello my dearest of dearest friendy friends.

it is thursday, the night of my huge benefit concert schoolhouse through rock for building with books at the subterranean! we have been getting ready for this event for months and its our biggest one yet and i cant wait. i hope that i recruited at least some people to go to it, we got three bands and two comedians from second city which is a stand up comedy club if you didnt know, and i am just really really psyched. Barack is actually an honorary member of the board which i think is pretty fantastic...
in case you want to learn a little bit more about ti there is some info for yoU! im so proud to be a part of it. not to mention proud that barack is our next president! i know i know.... everyone has already talked the death out of it.

i wish you had all been here with me in chicago.... it was just so exciting, i know it was exciting everywhere, but i feel like maybe especially here! hahaha :)

so i am totally depressed about not being able to find a job. i am startying to feel unhirable. but i must prevail........ i even thought i might et a job for chase bank but then they made me take an online math test and i didnt pass so i didnt get hired...i feel ashamed. im such a dumb dumb! and i thought where cimin works would hire me because they basicaly made it seem like a monkey could do it.. and then i got rejected!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh well.

life goes on.

gotta go hit the streets again....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008 Devon and Mercedes 8:33 AM east coast time (normal time)

me: kfd;'fkdflaka
i am so stressed out!
Devon: i know
me too
me: going to volunteer for obama in an hour
my boss closed up shop
Devon: i'm getting ready to do my 7-2 No on Prop 8 shift, so i gotta go
good for you and boss!
me: ok
yeah i love us!
Devon: i love you!
i know
me: xoxooxoxooxoxox
Devon: i know
me: ok ciao
Devon: sdfkljajsdfkl
me: <3
Devon: we can do this
me: text u later
yes we can!
Devon: ok
me: i can't believe i just said that
ok byyye
Devon: haha

Devon is busy. You may be interrupting.