Monday, March 31, 2008


oh the life of a cub fan.
today is opening day and im fucking ecstatic! the day i have been waiting for since i moved here!! whahoooo!!!!!! although it is rainy and dreary and coldish.. that does not hinder the superfans of the world. i was taking the bus today to my temp job and i saw all the stands set up and crazy cub shirt wearing fanatics lining up outside the stadium! its 9am and people are boozing and getting ready for teh game which starts at 12:20. gotta love summer. although i am not working, which kinda sucks, i got 3 shifts this week and am psyched! wednesday i am being a shot girl, which is um... interesting but fridya i get to be a server in section one which is SWEET!!! and saturday morning game day i am doing beer tub.!! love the money that will hopefully soon be mine.
so my temp job today is at a company that makes video games. how totally random! i am of course, just doing reception, but its still kinda cool/funny/boring. hahaha. i am actually not feeling well at all right now, and keep gettting waves of nausea that may eventually lead to vomit. i have no clue what its from. i am wondering if it could be a. that i never offically got over my sickness from last week adn may be developing the flu, which i hope is not the case... or that it could be left over from the weekend or from something i ate yesterday. i did have thai food and little mini tacos from the freezer...gross. i am crossing my fingers nad hoping it will pass.
i had such a good weekend this weekend and i am really happy to say it!!!
friday night my dad and aunt came up and took collin and i out to dinner at this amazing little italian place aroudn the corner from my house and then we just went home and went to bed, and then on saturday mornign i went to my information meeting abotu the breast cancer 3 day walk that i am doing in august adn that made me really excited for that. then i went to the mandatory meeting for the bar to learn about the rules for the week and the season, adn that made me excited becuase it meant i was one step closer to rollin in dough!! hahah well, hopefully.
then it was collins bday celebration time!!! ahhaha. we went out to dinner at this thai place around the corner from our house which has the best bubble tea that i have ever had in my whole entire lifeand you all must have some when you visit! and then we went out. it was by far the most fun i have had since moving here... nafisa, you would have appreciated it a lot... the crazy, hair shaking dancing came out of me in a bar where dancing really didnt happen, and me and this random goofy looking guy just busted out moves all night and i spent an excuberant aomount of money , where and when, i do not know... but it was so fun and we were out until like 4am and then we all came back and made a frozen pizza and hung out! we had a bunch of random people over that coll grew up with and it was so fuN! i finally felt like i lived here and it was exciting. i wish you girls could have been here it would have been complete!
things with tyler are finally looking up and i am really happy about that too. we have been getting along fantastically adn not fighting at all, and he finally decided to go to a therapist and i cannot wait for him. he got anti-depression medicine from his family doctor, adn got recommended to a specialist that he is seeing on friday. he is really nervous but it can only mean good things and i cannot wait!!! he is going to get so much better and hopefully hylep himself and its just a beautiful thing.
nafisa... i am very happy for you that you finally figured things out about andrew. i feel like you guys were just in limbo for a long time and you really just needed some closer. i of all people, totally understand how hard it is to let go of peopel you erally loved and cared about, and that you want to keep them in your life, but basically, once youve been having sex with someone for a long time and then no longer are, its hard to hold a regular relationship. i mean, thats obviously not waht it is all about, clearly, but you know what i mean by that analogy. i am also happy that you got to go to costa rica and do all those amazing thigns and i totally wish that i could have been there with you on your birthday.
i still need to talk talk to you, what was yoru funny story i never heard.. nor did i hear how you happened to mis place your cell phone and have no clue where it was hahahaha i hope it was a good night!
doodle.. how is the art display going and the new job at the restaurant. have you started training yet.?? you are leaving for japan so soon! god i am so jealous and i cant wait to see all of the amazing pictures you are going to take!
murda, i want t come visit you so bad! i am tlaking to you on gchat right now though so i guess i dont need to talk to you in both..
i love you all and miss youuu tonnss!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


me and my family have a blog, its fucking kick ass

I am the only one who has blogged yet but whateva

I am really very hungry AMber come visit

peace always

Sunday, March 23, 2008


i feel like this is my first blog ever. but really it's just my first blog in a million years. my mom said that she was reading our family friend's blog (she's in morocco: peace corps) and i thought to myself, "ok. if my mom can blog, so can i." also, since i haven't had a chance to talk to am and devie about my trip, i'll just do that here and save some phone time.

my trip: alright so. the first four days were awesome. got there sat. spent sat night in san jose at a hostel cause my luggage did not arrive with me. bought a dress and flip flops sat night. sun we were at the airport all day. bag didn't come. took a bus to herradura where he lives. mon-thurs he worked from 7:30 to 3:30/4. i slept in, went to the beach. he lives in apts directly next to his school and right across the street from the entrance to a 2mile long resort. crazy. also, down the street abt 5min is the beach. really crazy. the town he lives in is small, but abt 15min away is jaco, which is a tourist strip with a million restaurants/bars/stores/etc. we went into jaco quite a bit for dindin and drinks. i got my luggage on tuesday so for the first four days, i was living in the dress i bought sat night. hahaa. crazy. so, on my bday: i went to the beach, wished i was with you guys, went into jaco, wished i was with you guys, andrew got me a massage for my bday, we went to dinner, i wished i was with you guys, we had drinks, played pool, i got wasted, and wished you guys were there. next year: friend birthday.
friday, he took the day off and we took a water taxi across the nicoya peninsula. yowza and a half. it was close to 2 hrs of the choppiest shit ever! my bumbum STILL hurts from that ride. we arrived in montezuma, which is this tiny town on the ocean. so gorgeous. i think that side of costa rica is much prettier. we took a cab with a norwegian couple to santa theresa, this little surf town and hung out on the ocean, had lunch, found a hostel. i got really upset with andrew at lunch so friday afternoon/night was not too pleasant. this was kind of the beginning of the end i guess. we had the best dinner of the trip at this place that was right across the dirt road from the trailer we slept in. the sign said: try our chicken, it's the shit. and it most certainly was. crazygood. we went down to this beachfront bar afterwards and met this american bartender who, praise jesus why was i there with andrew?, was so so sooo goodlooking!! he had just moved down from florida that week and didn't really speak much spanish, but he could've spoken no english for all i cared. he was hot. so saturday we went into mal pais and hiked around a bit and had some ocean time. then we took the water taxi back across. AHHH!!! even more painful than the first time! BUT I SAW A DOLPHIN!!!! it was right next to where i was sitting and i turned around to tell everyone and no one else saw was soo cool! soo...we got back into herradura and it was my last night so we went out to jaco for dindin and then to this place that had 2 for 1 drinks where we were for my bday. met up with andrews friends, who i really liked. (1 suspicious one though) we went to some bars where ladies drink for FREE! absolutely no money involved. you go up and get whatever the fuck you want and they say ok. and you walk away. amazing. i got wasted. i ended up leaving andrew at one point with the suspicious friend and going to kfc with the normal ones. hahaa. so sunday i left andrews at like 8am, flight left around 230pm. i got the last fucking seat praise the lord. got into charlotte late that night. spent monday with my cousin and her kids. and got back to btown at 1am. thank god, because i almost didn't make it. i missed 2 flights cause of standby, but i got on the last flight out of philly thankfully.
and now, here i am back at home! wrap-up: i can no longer be close friends with andrew, which i told him my last morning there and reiterated in an email. so, that's that. it's just not good for me to have him as a daily part of my life. even if he's living far away. so, i'm grateful that i got to go down there and figure that out. i hope you guys are doing well. i really miss you all. can't wait until warmer, less stressful times where we can hopefully see one another.
devie: LOVE THE HAIR LADY!! so spring forward, ahaaa. i cut mine too on friday, but nothin drastic. same ole same. alright, i have stuff to do, but i will call you guys soon. lovies. xoxo

Friday, March 21, 2008

its short again!!!!!

i feel so much liiighterrrrr.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

lots of lauggghing due to the last posts

Ok I just want to say that maybe we should go to BTOWN for Fisa's graduation!! that could be fun and it SHOULD be warm by then there. hahah

I just want to note that next week in our nations capitol it will be sunny and warm all week i love living in a place with actual seasons lalalla flowers are sprung, blossoms are blossoming, love is in the air! but not in terms of the people ya'll. in terms of the nature.

I am on a\conference call, sending emails, and barefoot right now. my neck hurts from holding the phonne

I had the option of going to the mtg in person but figured it would be more time efficient but next time i am just going to go because its not as interesting and there is sooo much to distract me

little social justice plug: Check out ActionAid they have a report about women and climate change. We Know What We it if you want some knowledge for yo braiiiin.

There is a national corn dog day that I got invited to celebrate... hahah funny corn dogs are wicked gross.

I bought a book called Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity
Anyone who does anything that involves doing more than one thing should get this book. I am so excited to finish reading it and get my new binder together. It gives you wicked concrete examples abt how to organize there are charts and graphs in the book flow charts its great, and I LOVE a good calender. although it makes me want to get a blackberry even more which is expensive and I have not been workin' the corner like i use to ladies let me tellllll you!

Since Drew has been gone I am getting shit done! It's great I love it tonight i plan on staying late and applying tactics from my new book to all the crap on my desk. Last night I stayed late and went to the bookstore (where a guy complimented my new hair), Tuesday night I went to a happy hour with drew's friend's boyfriend and others and monday night i stayed and volunteered at work, its been so nice! i love it and know that it will not last but wish that it would sigh

i am going to tell before devon can and hopefully she does not get mad but she DID abandon me on gchat just now so....
but she is thinking of getting her hair cut wicked short: "not mama billie short but kerry russel short" excitement!

I am headed back to Miami in April and am thinking about seeing what service options are available in Haiti.Since I know of a woman who just moved to Africa last month and I am learning more and more abt it I am becoming more nervous to go there. I know its big! so "there" does not seem like the right word to use but...
When I read some of her experiences they make me uncomfortable and i know i am not ready for the challenges. basically as a woman here I don't think I could live without the privileges that I have here even little things like privacy and writing things like mind your own vagina, I think I would have to behave and i dont want to do that... also James Drew's Kenyan friend from work says things like
Mercedes will have to cover her hair when you come to visit, ppl think dreds r dirty there, she will also have to stay a good distance from you or ppl will think she is a prostitute... soooo yes u can see why that is concerning hahaha

ok hello I really should not be doing this blogging right now so peace out sister friends of the mother earth that made us!


Bed Bugs.,
Devon. not that this applies to you anymore, thank the lord. but it hought that it would be better for everyone to know for the future just in case we should come across these instances and conditions again.
there is an article in the wall street journal today, march 20th 2008 in section D1. i am not sure if you can look it up online without a subscription or not but it says:\
there is a company called Stern Environmental Group LLC located in secaucus, NJ but serves NYC, started using a technology that sprays the bugs with icy carbon dioxide to kill them. also, people have been using giant hair dryers to heat up a room and bake the bugs to death. also, in nyc bedbugs and beyond removes peoples furniture from their bomes and fumigate with poinsonous gas, (which does not seem good to me). they say the reason that the bed bugs come back is because they have been developing resistance to pesticicides! creepy/gross. they say that they enter your hosue from hotels and through secondhand furniture. so if the place that is exterminating using pyrethroids, call someone else because that is what they are resistant too.
CRAZINESS!!! . again, i know this is not helping you, but if in the future it happes., check it out!


true story devon, i played ddr with petey in february for one night and my thighs and butt hurt so bad the next day i could barely walk, and i couldnt figure out why for the longest time. hahahah oh this day and age of video games and excersize. how is that wii anyway? they ahve it at the bar i will be working at . interesting.
i did actually know abotu the dirt cookies. i read this huge article about it and wyclef has a blurb about it too actually on his website isnt that crazy?!
i mmiss you girls p.s.
i do pick up the phone! and if i dont i always call back and its a phone tag operation.
for some reason i do not get service in my basement bedroom so a lot of times i miss calls bc it doesnt ring through down there and i just get voicemails. stupid.
good thing i dont spend too much time down there.
devie i cannot wait for you to come visit! valid, july is not that close. but i can still be excited about it.
erin bought a car. can you believe that? where does this girl get her money i have no clue. i swear she hords it or something. she makes everyone pay for everything for her while shes just ballin out of control w her bank account.
according to her, it is a 1993 saab and it is gold. how perfect is that for her. jeez. seriously though. this money.. is she selling herself on the side? she only works 1 or 2 days a week if that, and she pays rent/groceries/bills etc. im so confused/jealous.
my bank account on the other hand just depletes more and more everdya... AHHHHHHHH!!!
nafisa i want to get a hold of you so we can disccuss how yoru vacation went! i hate that we have opposite schedules and that you have homework. boo.
when is your graduation date exactly anyway?
welllll i love you all. i am goign to go back to gchatting and pretending i am uber busy.
ps, i thought youd all like to know that my landlord requested me as friend of facebook.
what is this world coming to?!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my embarrassing confession

i played wii boxing yesterday for a half hour and now my arms and back are really quite sore.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm just saying

its not a failure amberrrrrr

it is a work in progress dont be so negative

I refuse to call you anymore because you never pick up the phone.

its actually spring here! i like living in a place that has actual SEASONS, its great.

I am thinking of a last min. flight to VT or a saturday bus ride to NYC sigh can't decide

i lOVE! whoppers robyns eggs for easter

a target just opened by my house I spent 220 there in one weekend. maybe more I can't remember, but lets just say i thought i had way more in my bank account and when I checked it yesterday the monnnney was not there that i thought should be

oo well it comes and goes

SOME people in impoverished parts of Haiti have been eating dirt cookies made of DIRT, vegetable oil and salt then dried in the sun and then consumed because there is not enough money for a grocery trip.

so thats something to think about
for more info go to and check out our blog

drew is going to PR on saturday, it will be a lonely week of sleeping.

cheery blossom fest next weekend amber you should come this way for it.

ok i am at work peace

Sunday, March 9, 2008

complete and utter disapointment

so i would just like to say.. this blog has turned into a failure. no one ever writes in it, and that makes it completely unsuccessful and disappointing. does no one have anythign to say anymore?! whats happening to our friendships?
so you know katie from the road rules who has been on the gaulntlet a couple of times who everyone hates on the show? well, we were just at this bar (mind you its sunday) going for brunch specials and no one wasthere... she came in to the bar by herself and saw these totally random drunk freak girls alone.. in a bar on sunday, alone.. and proceeded to introduce herself as katie from road rules. sweet. shes a big fat loser. and we laughed at her. hahahahahaha
lovvvveeee meeee...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008