Thursday, February 5, 2009


Mercedes---I think you said Drew was leaving tomorrow... if you need to talk or want to.... hope everything goes well. im here. or if your excited, sad... mad,.. whatever. i want to talk to you anyway silly head.

Doodle--- are you there? its me. amber. did you find a new job yet? hows the free lancing going? are you still talking to the boy??? let me know! lets chat soon (on our fun video cams!)

Nafisa---- hmm... sick of playing phone tag with you. never get to talk what is UP!!!!!!!??????????

thats all.


baby land

Hello my lovers

i dont know why i said that plural... ehem... since no one reads this.

okay negativity away!

im just going to wisk into my life, since obviously i am the most important so hereeee we go..

i live in babyville.. i dont know if you guys know of it, for some reason, i think you dont.

anyway, my monthly income is based upon two darling little munchkins named thing one and thing 2.

no really, Johanna (jo jo) and Ryan (ry ry) or just buggies, or munchies, or lovies, whichever you may prefer..

i am really getting a taste of what it would be like to be a mom. I am with them for 12 hours straight, back to back days, and lately i have been working more because they are about to go out of town and i am trying to get in my hours with them. so i will be working 5 out of the next 6 days which is good for me because its money, and bad because its SO draining.

member how i said i wanted twins????

wellllll... my friends. reality has stricken. as much as i love these little buggy boos it is SO hard! and momma always said its different when they are your own... which i know is true.. but.. that doesn't make it easy . i think that if my mom lived like, um, next door and i had a nanny just to help me out a couple days of week like this lady does, its doable. i don't know.

what the real story is.. is that i am NOT in any way shape or form ready for children. i cant even imagine if i accidently got preggars like my friend kelly right now. i mean. ... i don't even have health insurance for me, let alone a steady job or enough money for groceries and bills how in the sam hell would i buy stuff for a baby!? and lets be real. i am selfish and still want to go to forever once in a while and be able to fit into the clothes! :) that was a joke. kind of.

anyway.. norby-face has finally shaped up and were in love. hahahahaha coooooo... after life was pretty much looking like it was in the abyss for good things flipped! soooo cross your fingers. i really do love him.. soooo i want it to work.

no that that has anything to do with norby.. but i would be able to go to costco and target and all those great places whenever i want!! (when i get money...) oh and i have to have surgery on my boob on the 12th and its far away in the burbs, so it will be nice to have a way to get there.. thats right. surgery. that bastard plastic surgeon, not to mention the original kahunah that messed my life up in the first place. Who knew trying to prevent cancer would turn into such a big disaster!

so i am ready for any of you to jump ship and move here at any time. back in the swing again, friendless, and its going tough my ladies. its so lonely out here!!! its a year tomorrow that i moved, and im in the exact same place that i was last year, only minus the check from the car and way more broke. I am about to go this weekend and start applying for jobs in wrigley again to base my life on the cubs one more time... except without the pleasure of it being at sports corner again. it sucks because nothing will ever top that summer!! we had such a good crew.. and softball team :)

I am speaking at the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk get started meeting this saturday and i am really excited about it. its where i got my start and went to my first informational meeting and i am talking to the group about walking alone. im really excited that they asked me to do it, i think its going to be wonderful.

the new nanny agency i am working with just got me my first job for next tuesday, so thats exciting. the plus side of all of this is they pay me under the table cash... the bad side of it is that its cash!!!! and i have to always go immediatly to the bank before it disappears. I think more and more everyday how i spend all of my money on food... (besides the obviousness of rent and student loans and utilities). i really really should have gone to culinary school. i wish i hadnt realized that way too late and would have been able to u know, channel my energy into making delicious food and still volunteering on the side. it probably would have been way cheaper.

Still no luck on the real job search. BAHHH

OHHHHH remember that really hot guy Jesse that I went to his parents house, Roxanne and Jonathan Leopold who were at my graduation (king street youth center and city treasurer) shes my main contact person? anyway, remember he has that fantastic villa in South Andros Island in the Bahamas?!!! well, my family is trying to plan an all girls vacation for erins graduation and go down for a week in June!!! its like, 255.00 a person plus airfare, but i figure if i start saving now i can totally swing swing swing it.. if i like, hide my money under my bed or something!!!! if you guys want to check it out, its at

anyway!!! i gotta go get the twinny twin twins