Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hey ya'll

so i am sitting in my hotel in MIA its my last night, the last night that I will spend in Miami for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry looong time. And thats the way I like it-I'll tell you what. It is a crazy crazy state. billionares to broke ass people within 15-20 mins of eachother. Its some crazy ass unlike anything i have ever seen. Did you know that one in every seven people in miami is an immigrant aka has migrated from their home country cause shit was bad.

o snap so I am um watching runs house-again i have now watched prob. 5 episodes now its so good... its um almost one am and i am watching tv at the best western in miami, 1/2 hour away from south beach where i could be droppin it like its hot till 6 am. i much prefer the best western

if i moved to MIA i would gain at least 200 lbs. I am saying this because of all the bomb ass food. My favorites would be the Haitian and the Brazilan- I need to find sources of both of those back in DC. its going to be strange going back there.

I was telling fisa on FB i need a home girl. Thats the prob. with watching Runs house it makes me want 8 million $ and one homegirl. (really i want you guys-but if i could get one homegirl that would be cool) or if i had a sister that i lived with instead of four boys that would be fine as well...

i'm getting a weave this summer... long really long and bangs bangin with bangs i'm excited no one can stop me... there were some haters trying to tell me not to get it.. naw mean

anyway i am stilllll in the hotel room
i need to get some dollar bills make some serious moves
and get my self a baller-rific something or other

peace always snitches feel free to come keep my lame ass some company

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

eat love pray

okay.. i am obsessed with this book. quote of the day so far, that i want to be my life:
pg 63 " i have to confess that i did go to one museum: the national museum of pasta, in rome. i found that all i really wanted to do was to eat beautiful food and to speak as much beautiful italian as possible. that was it. so i declared a double major, really- in speaking and in eating (with a concentration on gelato). "

oh the beautiful bliss. can i please just move back and this be my life again?
just food for thought for you really.
and now, back to reading.

Monday, April 14, 2008


the title is in response to the heavenly restaurant amber found...bravo to you, friend. wish i could eat there with you, like, NOW! i am at the lib...shocking. i just finished a geology lab and am about to start a paper before i go into work. shocking yet again. and yes, amber thank you for reminding me that devon is in japan, you are in chi-town, and mercedes....well, mercedes is breaking my heart in m.i.a. with pharrell. and i am here, in burlington, fucking vermont. pharrelless. god, i can't wait until i leave this place. but until then, i'm keeping myself entertained with my libcrush of the moment, whom i saw briefly this morning...sigh* and am hoping to see again before the day is through...double sigh** the last time i saw him, he smiled and winked at me as he rode by on his bike. i am taking this as a good sign. alas, i have yet to see him more than 10 ft from the library. hoping this changes soon. like before we graduate in a few weeks soon. would love to converse with him in the real world as opposed to the basement of bailey howe.

devie, i don't know if you're gonna be checking this in japanland, but if you do...i hope you're having an incredibly amazing fantastical time! can't wait to hear all about it. make sure you call/text me when you land on american soil (best damn soil on earth).

alright, lovers to you three and i'm gonna go eat something. i'm hungers to the 9th power. do powers go that high? ahhaaa. math genius...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a couple quick things

i am running out the door but two things in response to amba

i can not go to eat at that place and i totally was eating white choco like an hour ago you are a true friend

second why are you looking at personal ads on craigslist trick?

hahha jk lovies stinkies

Friday, April 11, 2008


why are we so funny? anyone?


ps. i just read my own post. i resemble someone with turrets. or add. or adhd, or just a genuine person with a serious attention span problem a long with other issues thrown in there. justtt a regular brittany over here. dont you worry. im 23.

OH the joy of Fundraising for a good cause

someone really needs to higher me i have decided.
i would be an excellent asset to the team and i know how to promote awareness.
now only if i could get someone to see that.
devon... you are in japan right now. WHAT?! and murda is in miami, and fi is in vt and i am in chicago. so freaking wierd. remember when all of us were out of the country at the same time? when murda was visiting ireland, and devie was visiting me in italy and fi was in south africa? that was crazy. we are just travling banchies.
it would be really great if you guys donated ps. hint hint nudge nudge.
i have shin splints right now. not a great feeling.

mercedes, i would move to miami after i visit there and check out/like it. but i like seasons. i mean, not crazy seasons, i.e. i am running a 5k this sunday mornign and it is suppose to be snowy and rainy. not fun.
buttttt i just discovered this extraordinary place in greek town that has a fantastical menu and i cannot wait to enjoy it, so maybe i can go after the race on sun to reward myself for good measure. it is where this all night diner used to be, right near uic and it is now called melis, and it reminds me a lot of magnolias, only not as granola-y. ive decided that i am torn between ordering, obviously one of the bendics, which, the portobello one and avocado one sound magnficent (everythign is cage free eggs, bravo for them) and it is also between possible creps.

mercedes: here is what you would order:
a. Chocolate Morsel pancakes: sinfully sweet chocolate batter with white chocolate morsels baked right in, topped with morsels of white and milk chocolate
b. Cloud "9" Crepes: Chocolate infused crepe batter filled with strawberry sweetened mascarpone. accented with fresh strawberries, fresh cream and chocolate sauce.

Doodle: this is what you would order with your anti-everything diet:
a. maybe a grilled veggie panini- marinated and grilled mushrooms, zucchini roasted red peppers, tomato red onions, pesto.. can you eat all those? sans mayo and cheese.
b. can you eat eggs? if so; one of the endless benedicts, ie avocado, portobello, vegetarian, florentine.
c. if not: veggie omelet.
interesting enough, if you did NOT have all of the restrictions:
d. possibilities= endless.
how is JAPAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am sendin gyou my address via facebook bc i feel as though that is safer, especially since i have a multitude of stalkers, obviously!

fizzle: your menu would be:
anythign and everything.
but what i would think you would like a lot is:?
The banana crepes: overfloweing with ripened bananas and sweetened with liqueur infused creme. topped with a glazed apricot puree.
b. The feta scrambler: tomato feta and spinach, how could you go wrong...
and pretty much all of the pankakes and the waffles because they are to die for (that i can tell by there description: sugared pecan, caramel banan, honey cakes...

so end of a lot mouth watering introduction. i am going there. and when you all visit, we are going there.
yuummm!!!!! whos hungry?! meeeeee!!!!
ill just eat another cookie...
mercedes, i think its HE-larious that you use blue tooth. i feel like you look a lot like your mom when you do. oober professional. hahahahhaha.
sooooo hope your all doign great in your gorgeous weather. ill just go hang out in the rain. i just ordered new rain boots from target, was so psyched.. and then they are way too big. and being stubborn, i wore them anyway because i wanted to pretend that they werent, and now they def, def are. shoot. so i tihink i will send them to my mom for her bday/motehrs day and then just buy new ones!!!!

oh so interesting post on craigs list for you taht i thoguiht you would all appreciate this guy sounds ooohhh so great.. and then he had to ruin himself with the last sentence.. damn him all to hell...
" I am a 30-year-old, well-educated, professional man who lives on the northside here in Chicago and works downtown as an attorney for a large law firm. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, workout, go out to bars, watch theatre, and catch a game at Wrigley Field or Soldier Field (I have Cubs and Bears season tickets). Or sometimes I justlike to relax at home and read or watch TV or a movie. Whenever I get some time off, I love to travel. I try to get to San Francisco, Wine Country, Europe, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, or some other exciting destination whenever I can. I'm looking for an amazing, beautiful, challenging woman to share some great experiences together. Ideally, we would go out, hang out with each other's friends, and have fun exploring all Chicago has to offer from wine tastings and gourmet restaurants to art galleries, farmer's markets, and ethnic neighborhoods. I also want to be up front that I have a very high sex drive and would ask that you have similar desires. If you're up for getting to know each other, drop me a line. Hope to hear from you soon."

now why did he have to go and ruin himself like that?
what is this world coming to.......

Breast Cancer 3-Day !!!!

I'm walking 60 miles in the Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day! Will you help me reach my goal?
i vote no moving to Miami and i think everyone will agree with me

i am wearing my blue tooth and i feel like a douch bag, and yes i actually use it for one hour conference calls


Monday, April 7, 2008

the west coast is the best coast

which is why i propose we move there. i don't want to live in new york (vermonters, here me out, there are no trees) and i don't want to live... well... anywhere near the atlantic. at least not right now. i'm sorry. i just can't. and with that, i'd like to take this opportunity to state my life plans through august of this year, although most of you already know them i think. and here i go:
at the end of june i will abort my mission to try to be a new yorker and begin my journey by returning to the homeland for two weeks. nafisa, that pretty much only effects you... which is weird btw. after frolicking around for a bit i will pack ONE bag with what i might need for multiple months and climates (an exaggeration) and i will journey (on my sister's dollar) to the windy city. amber, be warned, living with you will probably be a better situation than living with my sister. we shared a roof for a number of years, it wasn't really very successful. so i'll be there for like two weeks. or three. who knows! then i'm taking a train to either seattle or portland. my cousin might be having a baby pretty much right at that moment, so if that's the case, portland it is. i'll be staying in portland with adam. remember him? he's crazy, it will be fun. then, i'm heading down to the san francisco bay area. i think i'm going to stay with family friends but i actually haven't talked to them yet about it so i guess we'll see. who knows what i'll do when i get there. i just wanna poke around, see if it's possible to live there without a car... or any money. THEN if i decide not to stay in portland or oakland or something, i'll go to seattle, because i already know i like it there. a lot.

i'm scared. and excited.

also!!!!!!!! as everyone also knows i'm completely skipping OVER the west coast on thursday on my 14 hour flight to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!! yee freakin ha am i excited. sean and i are ready to go without being at all ready to go. i feel like i have so much and nothing to do to get ready. and in the meantime, i'll be at work.

ps as much as i hate them so much right now the federal government RULES. i just got my tax returns. i guess it pays to be poor as shit and able to write off 'supplies' for you 'buisness' that didn't actually make you any money like being and 'artist'. love it. hello new japanese clothes that will actually fit me because they will have my little size!!

hmmm what else? oh nafisa, i want to start getting over the phone tarot card readings. weekly. daily. hourly even, that way i won't have to make any decisions.

ok i guess i need to finish making the sketchbook that i'm making so i have something to draw and write in while i'm on the continent of asia.

i need people's addresses.


my location is the longest in our blog description, which means that i'm the best blogfriend ever. obviously.

bet i'm the only one eating a chocolate chip cookie right now..

and, it's delicious, hahhaa. suckas!

so, friends...we are gathered here today for a momentous blogpost from the one and only fi da fricken di. ahambham...i, pharrel/mcera/rob's future wife, hereby declare that you all (y'all) amberpich/mmack3104/deviedoodle will all live with me in a city of our choosing. this move will occur at the start of the year 2009. this move being hinged on whether or not 2009 turns out to be a real date in time...i don't even think the jetson's made it that far.

so...devon, let's not get too carried away with these seattle plans. amber, let's just stick with the bar job for now. and mercedes...let's get drew acclimated to the possiblity of leaving d.c. this may mean he will have to relearn how to order for himself when dining out with a boss. i, since i am leaving the least behind (except for the beansies bus, which has returned to its rightful home by battery park) will withdraw my opinion and simply be happy to move wherever you three decide. picking straws has served devon well in the past, so mercedes and am...why don't you two get together and you can pick hers for her over the phone. (no crossed fingers!)

ok...i'll give you guys some time to mull this over, quit any jobs, and get out of any outstanding leases. let me know when you decide in which city i should start looking for jobs. LOVE YA!

and sidenote: i will begin operating a psychic hotline. if anyone would like a tarot reading, i think ms. cleo's going rate is a buck per minute. affordable right? i thought so...laterssss

Saturday, April 5, 2008

um HELLO have i not been trying to push Wet Hot on you all for like 5 years? its the most genius and beautiful movie that ever existed that gets funnier every time you watch it.

"when can we say that?"
"anytime. before dinner. literally anytime"

Friday, April 4, 2008



i am actually really happy just wanted to write barf
only happy because its friday

amber i love the opening day post

where are you other two a-holes

oui oui
the frecnh are silly since when is "oui: not read as weee


watch wet hot american summer o nafisa if u move here by april 20th aka EArth day you can attend a free concert staring the roots on the mall so yeah

"I've really grown up a lot since before dinner"
wet hot american summer