Sunday, February 24, 2008


I could honestly kill someone.
fuck st mikes for doing this to me.
im looking up plane tickets right now.
i wish i didnt know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

o hey amber

you are going to cry

Saint Michael's Student Association brings hip-hop, rap star Wyclef Jean in Concert April 4

plus tickets are 30 bucks

here are some tissues

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i posted DC photographic highlights on my other blog.

poop on you.

so is this blog extinct now or what?
why is it that i feel as though i am the only one writing in this thing? previously voted as worst blogger ever s now the only blogger.
oh thats right. im the only one without a job or shit to do.
im sitting here wallowing beacuse i cannot leave the house because it is a. freezing outside and i hate walking int he cold... and b. because every time that i leave the house i spend moneya nd lets be honest, i do not have an exuberant amount of cash to just be throwing around like its going out of style... hmm.. interesting.
so i have one week left of my free gym membership and i need to go to the gym, becuase all i do is lay around and eat, but it is so cold out the six blocks is feeeling very far away.
cimin started her job today so i cant even hang around and complain wiht her anymore, its down to collin and i. and all he does is sit on the computer on the futon all day and watch tv. booooooooo boys will be boys.
so i am in the love with my new little baby guy computer. it is fantabulous and i cant even tell you how many cool things are on it beaucse i dont even know yet because i havent figured it out.
HOW WAS DC anyway? i am so totally jealous that you guys all got to be together there. devestation proclamation. wish i could have had a little fun in that sun.. just like mercedes is having right now in her eighties music playing restaurant in miami. totally jealous.
wellll i guess i should just get my ass out of the sac now and do something with my life. miss you all totally lots.
lovvveeee youuuuuuu

Thursday, February 14, 2008


ok, first of all AMBER, the reason you feel disconnected is most certainly not due to the fact that you are in the midwest but entirely reliant on the fact that you simply refuse to pick up your phone. i mean, what's up with that?!

ok, that being said, i'm so so so glad you're making your life out there in the big city. run into mera recently? her friend lives in that neighborhood...its only a matter of time. i hope one of you is on the phone with me when it happens. ALSO, fyi, i'll probably be out there this summer. for like a week. or more. who knows?!?!?!? not i. i'm in the market for a new city to live in, and, although chicago is not really on my list of potentials, it is most certainly a stop along the way. 'twill be great!

well, because no one else has said it and i feel like being so annoying: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. caitlin was talking today about how oprah was talking about how you don't have to be in love to celebrate. how you could celebrate with your friends, or your grandparents, or your dog, or your blog. ok, i threw in that last part BUT ITS TRUE. i mean, its valentines night and pat and caitlin are in the other room watching law and order: svu (our favorite show) and i'm in here talking to you fine people via the interweb. its a beautiful thing. the gift of my undying love for you three summoned by the gods of hallmark and conversation hearts translated into 1s and 0s and back again and delivered right to your screen and into your eyeballs and into your hearts. amazing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

chi-town slide.

okay.... sooooo i am the only one without a computer and a viable excuse to not be writing in the blog but i am on my borrowed computer of collins which i finally pried from his almost dead lifeless fingers because he has not gotton off the futon since ive arrived and he has just sat here, rocked. had the computer on his lap and watched tv...... and then weve played rock band.
if i had my computer i would post the lastest pics for you guys becuase you would absolutly die.
cimin and i are officially rock stars. our band is called fremont divass... yes two s's, i am the guitarist slash drummer when i feel and cimin in the absolute singer. i have forfitted my singing abilities based on the fact that i know 0% of the rock songs on the game and therfore cannot ever figure out the pitch, so i sound sadley, probablly like our poor little tone def friend, ahem... no names please.
anyway we are on tour right now and have conquered seattle, and are halfway through la, chicago, boston and new york..... impressed? check out our myspace page which will be arriving online shortly....
anyway, so is my life.
i sleep in my dungeon bedroom which has no light and i have no idea what time it is, and then crawl out of my layer far enough to plop down in the inevitable love sac, where, cimin and i snuggle and sporadically travel to the kitchen to snack.
we have gone to the gym, twice. where we kick ass, and which is the most expensive venue i have ever been to, which is why we are using the two week free trial and then bailing.
i did apply, cause i figure, why not? lifes not htat bad. hahahah. maybe i could get a free membership and atleast it would be a job, no?
i do have an interview at the bar up the street on friday morning, im praying that i get it, because every "real" job that i have applied to is telling me they are reviewing applications in march and that is kind of a long time and i dont know if i can actually swing it that long.
man money goes fast in a city.
as you all know.............
its absolutly freezing here and the weather has been suck ass, its hard to get out of the house and force ourselves to be productive. i did sign up/apply for the temp agency that collins gf works for so hopefully if anything i will at least be getting an income sometime soon. cross your fingers for me. there do seem to be a lot of cool jobs, but now is a tough time to be finding one because its an awkward time of year for people to be hiring. scary.
we still have absolutly no furniture upstairs, apparently the living room set is being delievered on friday, but bar stools are still non exisitant and we have no where to sit when we eat. i found smashing ones on on sale for 25.oo a piece which is bomb, but it costs 90 dollars to ship them here, which is more than the damn stools themselves, and they do not sell them in the store of course, adn they will not ship them to the local store either. assholes.
still on the quest....
so what is going on in your lives? i feel like i am so disconnected being in the midwest and all. i am totally sad that i do not get to join in this upcoming weekends festivities full of friendship and laughter and joyous fun. boo.think of me okay? maybe call me on speaker? boo.
can i just take a moment to say that FUCK VALENTINES DAY. yes. thats how i feel. a holiday designed by hallmark to make single people feel like shit, couples who have to spend money, and people that are part of couples feeling shitty when their significant other does not either a. get them anything or b. gets them a shitty gift. I DETEST IT. thats how i feel. its a total fake holiday and i just cant even help myself, i dont want to buy into. which sucks, because i still buy my mom, sister and brother cards adn send them to them every year, just so they feel like someone loves them. what a lonely day.
soooo now since i have nothing to do, no computer to sit on, and no life, i guess im goign to follow cimin around while she goes to look for a picture frame to frame the picture of her and her perfect boyfriend kissing for this not so wonderful holiday. awesome. feeling great.
welllllll love you all.. hope your weekend is superb and im totally totally jealous that i will not be a part of it...
signing out, stay classy northeast dwellers.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Little lady amber

oo by the way i callllled you last night and you did not pick up and you have not returned my call and hello you moved away and accouridng to the news there is lots of crazy weather over there, so you gotta let me know whats going on with you and tyler and everything

I just wanted to say i loved your post and made me feel so happy and grateful (grata) for you three people.

Amber I wish you could get your italian ass over to DC for the long weekend.


oo and i miss little erin

Sunday, February 3, 2008

real friends

So last night was Erins 21st Birthday. craziness, i know. which means that we are very old. and ive decided to title this blog entry real friends, because ive noticed, they are really hard to find. i was talking to erin last night as we were walking downtown and she was crying, yes.. totally, its my party and ill cry if i want to status, only that was just it, there was no party. for the last of her roommates 21st they all got dressed up in their party dresses and rented a limo and went to stowe and did all this fun great stuff and bought her gifts and erin really got her feelings hurt bc her friends didnt do anything for her. legitimatly. one of her roommates, invited her newest "guy fling" to dinner, as we were waiting, she was conveniently tellin ghim how she sleeps naked at night, espeically after ocming home from a night at rasputins, when she takes a shower and gets in to bed naked... yeah.. serious. anyway.. we waited at flatbread for 2 hours to get a table, and this rmmte of hers invites this dude no one knows, and fails to even let him know that this dinner celebration is indeed just that, a celebration, for erins birthday . oh and by the way, shes the one in the red sweatshirt..
so anyway, we do this, and everyone is like, wahtever. not being cool, and then it was funny that no one i.d. erin until we sat down, she had alreayed had about 4 beers by this point, and then when our waitress came over, she got id, and it happened to be none other than ms molly conant.. like hello? she knows her. and then she said it was sad that the new year is 1987 for cut off and that were old, and then didnt id anyone else..
anyway, this is all besides the point. pretty much the story goes, none of her friends went downtown to celebrate w us, not one, just erin and i walked down together, as she cried.. and stupid red square tried to charge us 10 dollars to get in, adn i said, yoru crazy. and we left, and proceeded onto jps where erin and i did our first karoake ever, to Mambo #5. together. and then jenna lafayette showed up, totally random, with a shot of goldschlager and her girlfriend.. finally she came out. which everyone nkew but she had never admitted i guess.... totally random.. and then finally real friends came.
point in case.. we were having the convo about how it is rreally really hard to find real friends that you hold onto.. and i realized that if i had lived her and nafisa had not... i would want to kill mysefl.. bc i do not have any friends except you guys. the only friend i came out of college with was tina.. who i met through real high school freinds, aka nafisa. which is point in case, bc now i am moving.. and odnt have any friends where im going.. and im wondering, how do you meet friends at this age? i mean college you are set up to, and some people walk away with real ones, but how do you meet girl friends in real life? mercedes, any pointers? do you have some? can i share???????
so being the fact that, all erins roomates are college friends and dumb and stupid.. and she shouldnt care about them bc real friends are all that matter, its just hard when they live super far away.. TEARRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS..
my bed is officially out of my room now, and its just a bunch of clutter that i need to pick up and pack for it to be the end of it all... its so wierd to actually be offfically moving out of the hosue, like everything. like no more mama.. im depressed.
it actually hasnt hit me yet, im sure it will be the tomorrow goodbyes and the driving away with the loaded vehicle that will start my major breakdown. devestation proclamation.
but its a good thing. i will just miss my momma bear and my safety net of living at home with real friends. more tears.
and even more tears that devon is allergice to dairy.. bc that is clearly all of our favorite things in life. can you take like, a lactose pill or something for htat so that you can still eat it? that is some bs. so does this mean you can drink alcoholic beverages now bc you ve fianlly discovered the mystery and that tis not acid reflux? i would cry. ill cry some tears for you tomorrow devon.
ps did i mention i was hiking philo with the fam on sunday and saw your mom? totally wierd!

so after all of this feedback, ive decided that twenty one really just is, just another birthday, and there are plenty of red squares out there, and that real friends are hard to come by, but im glad i have three.
love you all.
i wish i had more to say in blog form. i haven't been writing in mine, either. all i can say at this moment is that i'm very excited to be taking a bus adventure down to our country's great capital. and to be seeing some pretty ok people while i'm there.