Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well devon it looks like its just me and you

I have started a series in my head called "If you'r asking me"

it goes something like this

If you'r asking me.... "if I think your face is disgusting" then I would have to say yes.

or perhaps If you'r asking.... me if I would eat a $500 chesseburger and you would pay for it" then I would say Yes.

and so on and so on, these situations literally come into my head at least twenty times a day, and of course now I can't remember the good ones. But I will throw them on here when I find good ones.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

speaking of hilarious

i've spent WAY too much time by myself today, and for some reason in my random thought process i found myself wondering when i joined facebook. because i didn't really remember. so i looked at my wall and went aaaaaaaalll the way back to my first wall post. which was in january of 2005. which is sick because that means three years of my life are documented on the internet. aaaaanyway, i started looking at some of my other posts from the past and found this (note: amber's post comes first):
and i thought to myself, "all is right in the world."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

funny runs in the family

gchat me and mama bills 26 Jan 2008

me: i am trying to
write up a post for my apartment but I dont know what to say
Billie: say...'Small pets need someone to care for them"

Friday, January 25, 2008

one vote in favor from the honorable missssssssssssssss mack

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a grand idea

i think at the end of each month we should give a special award to that month's worst blogger. that way we will constantly be using the powerful tool of negative reinforcement to motivate our blog's members to succeed. or just motivate them to post.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think that we should have a moment of silence for Devon's loss.

may you always remember the cheese in your teeth, the chocolate milk in your throat, and the bacon, egg, and cheeses that graced Brooklyn bagel shops everywhere

ever loathing dairy god, why do you hate devons small intestine? perhaps if we make a sacrifice things would change...

FYI Nafisa, you are slowly gaining ground to become the worst blogger of Jan 2008. What you work and go to class all the time or somethinggggg? Devon's allergic to dairy!! this is a big deal

we need you

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well, to continue the trend...

of posts that involve a lot of complaining. i thought i'd let you all know that my life ended about 10 minutes ago when the letter came from my doctor in vermont to tell me that i'm allergic to dairy. i cried. a lot.

it feels like anger..inside

this is why i am angry
the kind of angry you can feel inside

because when i was walking to work today some idiots who dont know how to mind their own business were carrying around signs with pictures of fetuses that had been aborted,the anti-choice aka pro life people came to D.C. today to disrupt things and u know i wanted to strangle them so this was the beginning of the day..i mean the START thats not a good way to feel and it does not put you in a good mind set let me tell you


someone was just leaving work and said the pro lifers took over DC today

and i thought to myself...who REALLY is AGAINST LIFE no one who is pro-choice is against LIFE.... its all about language and how people manipulate it to make it work for them and that really pisses me off. and i said all of these people who wasted their time and money coming here i feel bad for, its none of their business

and he said well someone could say its none of our business to care about starving people and I said thats absurd! no one that we are fighting for is choosing to be hungry, homeless, and in danger. Women should be able to make choices with out people getting up in their face like we cant make our own decisons...if men had abortions i bet there wouldnt be nearly as much as a stir, and even if people wanted there to be one they would fail- because men wouldnt let that shit go down....

basically i am right
and everyone should just mind their business and their own god damn vaginas
ps. jabronies.
love that word. whats that from anyway?
your all a bunch of jabronies.
out of context? maybe. awesome? yes.

organized chaos

so friends. how are you?
im sick right now.. i just got of an extrodinarly long, shriveling bath which gave me nothing but utter relaxation and tranquility, but now im tired and want to nap. i should, bc my throat hurts but now im just waitin gfor my hair to dry because i hate that soggy, wet pillow feeling. gross.
devie.. it was so nice to talk to you for an extended period of time and not be too interrupted. lets keep that up.
murda, yes i did see that leahy endorsed obama, i got a letter in the mail actually, now im on the email and mail list ever since i wrote him and bernie those letters telling them to fight agianst the new anti abortion crazy talk act. kudos.
how did you get all those cool pics anyway?
i think i told you that i discovered feist on the radio in chicago and i am def interested to hear some more.. i just dont have downloading capabilities on this pos computer so i cant really get any new music, and since my computer is dunzo i have no way to update new songs onto my ipod, therefore, i still have the same shit on it that i did well, when i got the damn thing over a year and a half ago. sick. ive pretty excit3ed, ive been gettin ga lot of response to my car, i put it on craigslist on saturday which is such a beautiful thing, and have had over fifteen people respond to the add and one guy has come twice now to look at it. he offered less than what im asking for it, and im already asking too low for it so i did not except, but i told him if no one offers my asking price by the time i leave, i may reconsider.. but anyway the point of that is, i am using the money to buy a new computer, pay off my credit cards, and my moving expenses, and then the rest is going into my mini emergency trust fund.. which who knows.. the next few months may be permanent emergencies. its really sad though, clearly you all know how obsessed with my car i am, so it will definietly be the end to a fine end to a ten year marker and a huge part of my life filled with ample memories of craziness, banchy driving, and love. its actually devestating and i cry often, but its only a thing, and things are replaceable. so.... such is life.
im actually getting totally excited about moving, as i should be. the closer and closer i get to the d day, the more i actually just want to get it over with and go! a new adventure awaits me and im scared shit list but totally excited.
ps... during lal this typing, i have been on hold with my car insurance company for lets see. t-14 minutes of day time use and im not happy, just to tell them, that they cancelled my car insurance when i didnt ask them, but i need to do it anyway, and do i have to pay fees? waste of my time. should have called from the house phone. boo.
on a side note... did you know that if someone is out of the country, aka, my dad in china... and you call them, even though it is a local number, you get charged the air time fees and not them, even though they are the crazy ones that pic up there cell phones when they are in china? crazy.
anyhoo.. the insurance lady was just a raging bitch to me and i wanted to hang up on her. what is wrong with people these days and having common fake customer service?
jeez louise.
well.. gotta go.. happy nappy time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

sitting and staring

right now i'm sitting on my bed looking at all the clothes strewn about my room wondering how a room full of this many individual articles of clothing could produce so few outfits to my satisfaction. its mind boggling, really. i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger. if necessary i'm sure we could impeach amber from the worst blogger title and mercedes could find some totally awkward picture of me to post with my newfound title. please don't though. i've been meaning to tell everyone that i started an email address for us when i started the blog that i thought was needed to start the blog that ended up not being important. anyway, it's . it may come as a shock to all of you that our inbox is empty. it was a shock to me, i'll tell you what. i'm not going to give you the password now but if you want it ask me for it because i don't want the thousands of other people who read this blog to sign into it and start writing posts under the name 'vermont'. even though i guess if they were funny it might be a new and exciting kind of contribution. whateverrrrrrrr.

i'm bored and things in new york feel confusing and scary and i'm once again seriously questioning whether or not this is where i want to be living. last time i felt this way i rearanged my room and invested serious time in a boyfriend and i felt better. i don't know if that's going to cut it this time around. we'll see i guess.

this post is more emo than funny. it required me putting on some black eyeliner in preparation.

amber you'd be so proud of me, i've been watching all of the lord of the rings movies. it has taken over a week to get through the first two because i don't know if you know they are SO LONG and sometimes a girl's gotta work in the morning/falls asleep by accident. i may watch the 3rd one tonight as a reward for actually putting away all the clothes that are strewn about instead of just staring at them. or i might just watch it as a reward for being lazy. which is ok too, as far as i'm concerned. lately i've been just wanting to read things like harry potter or watch other-worldly movies but then as soon as they are over i feel a deep and genuine sadness that those worlds don't really exist. i just wanna have a conversation with the trees or something.

Friday, January 18, 2008

This is HOw my Heart Behaves

"the rain the rain making me cry"

Yesterday there was "snow storm" here in D.C. meaning that it snowed for a couple hours, then turned into rain, and people freaked out. In the paper this morning there was actually an article about the "snow storm" and the

four to five inches

it brought... these people don't know how good they have it. I thought you folks would appreciate the absurditiy of it all...sigh

I also wanted to share some thoughts that I have already had this morning! Its about 8:45 a.m. right now: I wish when I had seen Feist at the Flynn that I had stuck around after and gotten a picture with her, it would have been entirley possible, such a small place and eveyone left so fast, i also wish i had grabbed the set list but at the time i didnt know how awesome it would have been to have it. Now I will forever remember the small white hand that dashed in front of me to grab the set list that was on the back of the piano right in front of me, while I was talking to the piano guy about how awesome his life is... tears

also as much as i miss home there is something amazing and stunning about D.C. that is where I work not all of of D.C. hahah. The buildings are so dramatic and the arichtecture is beautiful and the sky is almost always blue that walking around here and listening to Feist almost always makes you stop and really consider the space that you are in.

Did anyone see Mr. Leahy endorsed Obama? Which reminds me I have to send him a Thank You card about the Jubilee act, signing on to it, and if any of you want to you could call and say thank you too, and then call crazy uncle bernie and say you still havnt signed on why not? please do you crazy old man.

I have a busy day ahead of me, which will probably include checking the blog at least 8 times.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Leslie Feist, we are in Vermont...Will You Marry Me?

Its not that I am in love with her, its just that I know we are meant to be together as friends we would be so happy and we would always be together. We would do each others hair, read books, buy hipster clothes, make things..well I would watch her make things, she would sing, I would "sing" it would be happy-just plain old happy. The only reason why I would want her to marry me, is so I know she would hook me up with stuff and then my name would be Mercedes Feist, but only part time because my real name is pretty off the chain.

Also look at this girl! Road Runner Road runnnnnner if you havnt heard this album please contact me and I will send you the greatest music ear candy of your life. Besides Prince, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Feist, Michael Jackson (hello!) Stevie Wonder, and some others maybe Ace of Base:

If nothing else I just thought this "art" work with a computer looked super rad. and hipster and if this is what hipster looks like I dont want to look wrong...or not like this ahhaha

well its been a long day and I am still at work and its 5:30 and I am blogging but I kinda dont want to go home because then I will have to do laundry, and there is so much to learn, do, and read at work that I kinda want to stay... ooo I am going to a 4 hour meeting tomorrow about Vulture Funds!! I am so excited if you dont know what they are I wrote a song about it goes like this:

"Vulture funds is a name given to a company that seeks to make profit by buying up 'bad' debt at a cheap price, then trying to recover the full amount of debt , often by suing through the courts. Such companies often describe themselves as 'distressed debt funds'. Some target failing companies, but Jubilee USA is focused on those that target poor country governments. These vulture fund companies tend to be quite secretive, and many of them are based in tax havens.

When an impoverished country has outstanding debt owed to a government or a commercial creditor, there is a chance that financial organization will seek to buy that debt at reduced prices and seek repayment of the orignal amount AND MORE.

and now here is an example, Kanye why dont you explain it:
Kanye says: Donegal International sued the government of Zambia (devon, that is in a place called A-FR-CA) and won $15 million. In 1979 Zambia bought some farming shit from Romania on credit & Zambia couldnt pay it so Romania and Zambia decided to make a deal and liquidate the debt but then Donegal swooooped down and bought that shit and made $15 mill off of it...get it?"

Thank you kanye.
I like when people read things out loud and then say "end quote"

what i like better than that is you friends!

ALso I have realized that college does two things: leaves you with lots of debt AND on the positive side, teaches you to shower and get ready very FAST if need be.

I hate showering wow this is long so peace out.

champagne and caviar.....

this is my life of luxury.. sippin on some champagne while my maid cleans up the house and is packing my things.. obviously! i cannot be bothered with such things as this. i would much rather lay on my ass and have various men massage me while i click up my heals and eat grapes dangling from a string. clearly devon, my life is better than yours.
anyway... nafisa lets hang out damnit! i left you a message lets make some plizannsss.. school is so overated. just skip it already.
i am actually getting a massage today that i am totally psyched about, tylers parents got me a gift card for christmas and im totally thrilled about it. maybe it will help me stop being such a stress case and stop freaking out a bit. maybe if i could wake my sorry ass up in the morning to do some stuff i woul dhave more time. hmm.. interesting.
going along with that presidential canidiate and racism talk i was reading in time magazine that the amount of times that vogue magazine has put a black male on the cover since 2005 has been 5 times, and the number that a black female has been on since the magazine has begun in the like, 1890s or something has only been 3!!! that is just so insane to me, i honestly dont understnad how that woman could have been making the claims that she was making in that article you were talking about nafisa. ridiculous. ive decided that we should all move to............................................................................................ somewhere else. i vote europe somewhere, or a beautiful sunny beachy island full of lots of frozen drinks, sun, sand and hot men...? not joking. lets just go alreayd its fricken freezing here anyway. and yes devon, i will probablly be wearing five coats today. im going to try and go to that rip off a place platos closet today and see if they will take,, hmm... any of my stuff and if not, imseriously just not even dealing, im just saying donate it all. im so sick of trying to deal with those people anwya, but all the money i can get is great. i honestly , no joke.. had a dream that i was in cash cab and that i won 900 dollars.. and totally didnt have to worry abotu moving costs or rent. how funny/sad is that.. becuase i was so excited and relieved only to wake up and realize it was completely false. yuck. i guess at least i wasnt in cash cab with some amazingly dreamy guy and won the money... because then id have to split it, AND wake up to the fact that it was all a melancholy dream. blasphemous. okay.. gotta go. im writing an essay for the chicago teaching fellowship trying to get in .... lets see how this goes.
loves xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i never wanna right anything these days because i feel like i'm just going to be whiney and annoying. my life is SO HARD. you guys just don't understand because all of your lives are really easy and meaningless. unlike mine. which is so hard.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i am a 95 yr old woman

couple questions pimp: how could you pass up the celtics?!!!? you do know that k.g. plays for them now don't you? he's in my top 3 ball players of ALL TIME! tell drew if you don't appreciate them...shit, i'll go with him. hahaa. and we all know your ass is NOT getting up to go meet them if you "take a nap". please. oooh, can you ask drew to take a pic of me with him next time in case he gets within arms reach of ray allen. actually, tell him to bring it regardless....depending on how strong his arm is, he can probably just crumple it up and throw it onto the court. along the same lines....can pastors date? cause yours sounds pretty amazing. i'll definitely make sure to go to church with you when i visit. i'll even buy a necklace with a cross on it so he thinks i'm super close with jesus. (sidenote: i'm totally going to hell.)
oh my word, my manager has been really layin into me about guys lately. she's trying to set me up with this kid mike that i work with (devie, the one i told you about) and yesterday she says to me, "are you dating anyone right now?" i laughed. out loud. for a long time. then she says "you must get asked out a lot". this was followed by more laughter. i WISH! shit, i'm ready to say yes to the next person who asks me to do anything. short of a neoconservative asshole, i pretty much have no other conditions. you know what, scratch that. dinner would be a guaranteed good time. for me at least...hahaaa.
so, i'm putting a link for the snl opening chris rock did. hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as i did. the last part gets me man mercedes, we might get a run at the white house soon. let's share our terms together and have sleepovers in the oval office. devie can decorate the grounds and am can make the menu for our thursday night group dindins.
watching cnn as we speak. yes, it's 10:56pm on a saturday night and i'm sitting in my living room with my 51yr old mother. that was mean. what does her age have to do with anything? i'm typing as though i can't just freakin press the backspace button. man, i'm crazy. anyhoo, they just interviewed chris rock. coincidence? or the universe?...and he said: "george bush has done such a bad job in the last seven yrs, that he's made it hard for a white man to run for office!" ooooohhweeee! he gets me every time. ok, i think i've amply made up for my absence and i will now retire from the blog. au revoir.

heavy hitters

well fida you have said a lot
and I have a lot to say to that
well actually maybe I dont, most of what I did when reading that was just nod my head. I agree with everything you said and I esp. enjoy the piece about you saying that Obama should not wave his half race like a banner... how true
lets start calling him white
oo and I wanted to add, I giggled twice while reading your first entry-therefor I rule the post still within the funny realm.

last night i went to bed at 11:30 on a friday nigggght-does that hurt me inside? yes it dooooes.

Tonight drew and his cronnies are going to the celtics game, i am not
-instead I will be taking a nap and then TRYING to meet up with them and go out after... hahah

Church tomorrow excited about that, if anyone does come down and visit make sure to book flights or other modes of transport for after noon on sunday because church is soo much fun. and my pastor is so smart, plus he is attractive, great smile, great heart and mind also. He was talking about immigration last time I was there and telling us how he felt like they are the new scapegoats of america just like jewish, gay, black, muslim, etc have been in the past. I love him.

sometimes i think about this race stuff that we will never get it.
you know those people who say-why cant black people just get over it
hahah i hear that and pledge to not get over it for the rest of my life plus 20 years for every time that is said
hopefully on this blog we can achieve two things, well really just one since we are already funny and that is a way in which our inter racial friendship where we are not afraid to talk about hard things can be an inspiration to others out there,
but our funnies they will never achieve

one drop...

i promise this is the last sociopolitical rant i will post...tonight. i was just thinking about the way we label people in this country. i understand very well all the historical reasons why we identify obama as black, even though his blackness only comes from one parent. if we reversed things, it would be just as correct to call him white. but my, doesn't that sound ridiculous? so, we refer to him as black. fine, but isn't he the least racially charged candidate one could imagine? shit, if my black ass was running, i would be talking about all the problems minorites face: inner-city life: quality housing, education, employment, you could go on for days. the disproportionate number of black males in prison. etc, etc, ETC. but do you ever hear this man talk about black folks. not really. do you hear him say "when i am the first black president of the united states of america"? HELL no. of couse, we shouldn't expect him to wave his half-race like a banner, but then why should we analyze his candidacy through a racial lens? i am so sick of hearing about his fricken darkenoughskinned self! he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents...his father left him at the age of 2 and he only saw him once more after that. why can't we just listen to his message, review his voting history, analyze the other candidates, and make our vote accordingly. no, if you support or vote for him, you're voting for a black man. period.

one-way ticket to africa/italia/france/anywherebutthisfrickencountry

i know i haven't written in a minute...been caught up with work, painting, and listening to the same ole bullshit on cnn, msnbc, etc. the occasional quick flip to foxnews just to see what those assholes are talking about..see if i can catch someone saying some racist shit. sidenote: anyone watch when that newscaster urged white people to do their duty and make more babies in anticipation for the minority population takeover. crazy stuff.

watched the first two acts of when the levees broke today and will be fuming for's amazing how you can never exhaust the supply of anger that's held within you and reserved for those moments when you're faced with such...i don't think there's a single word suitable for describing what those people went through. it was like when i thought i had reached the depth of my hatred and disgust for bush and his administration and then found out they knew in august that iran wasn't actively trying to attain nuclear power, but tried to lead us into another war anyway. God, these people are fucking sick. realizing this post is not "so funny".

anyway, just read this op-ed gloria steinem wrote for the ny times: "women are never front-runners". emailed it to you pimp, but thought you all might be interested...basically, she claims that the only reason obama is seen as more viable, over clinton, is due to his gender. black males, she claims, have been given more opportunities than white women in this country. "gender is probably the most restricting force in american life" i don't know what country this woman lives in, but it sure as hell isn't the america i know and hate...needless to say, a lot of people have been responding to her piece. what i find most problematic (and "what worries me") is her failure to address the issue/existence of BLACK WOMEN! yes, we do chosen ones who have been blessed with membership of both minority groups. hallelujah. not only that, but have black women not suffered at the hands of racial bigotry? reading her article, you would think that it was only black men who were sold into slavery, stripped of their rights, beaten, and killed. i would love to ask her what the fuck does it matter that black men were given the right to vote before white women if institutionalized racism and the promise of violence kept them from fully employing that right until after white women received it? what's ironic about the whole freakin article is that hillary clinton IS a front-runner and has been for almost all of the 2 million years this election season has been going on for. if clinton is given the nomination, steinem doesn't even have a leg to stand on. anyways, this quote was one of my favorites from the responses i read: "So, I’m supporting Senator Barack Obama because he’ll be a great president. And, not because he’s Black." preach.

earlier today after watching the documentary, i was thinking: man, if i could just get george bush in a room....the things i would say to him. and ms. rice too...let's throw her in there and find out how she sleeps at night. shopping for ferragamo shoes and playing tennis while people who look like her are struggling for their lives...then using her identity as an african-american when it's convenient to do so. now, i'll add this steinem lady to my list. i need to get oprah on the phone and make it happen.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Whats scary to me, and I mean so scary is that I have no recollection of those pictures... who IS that man is YES INDEED the question. AND how did I get that shot in my hand, I thought I had just the little one, ONE-- but that one looks full, and I def remember taking the first shot, and if you notice in the picture that shot is full

f hard liqour

glad i gave that up...or now use it in moderation

ok peace I am going to hear that founder of the Grammen bank speak and am so excited!!


who is that guy anyway?


mercedes boyfriend is really good looking isnt he? im glad he could make it that night.

okay im back

scatter brained.
okay.. waht was i talking about? oh. the new wyclef cd. you all should definetly get down.. it is .. how to put it? remarkable? so after carting my dear beloved sister around.. for shall i say life.. i am back to the drawing bored and as usual, avoiding the shower. i must get in shortly, as i have to work tonight but we all know procrastination is my middle name.
fizzle after those little songs of yours thanks to you i cannot get that song out of my head... second time was a charm, much better than the first.
i am not the worst blogger! i am getting much better, and its hard without my own computer anymore, and no access at work.
how was san fran murda? was it all that youd hoped for? i cannot believe you are doing all this traveling for your work.. its pretty sick actually. i cant wait to get a big girl job and move from coast to coast. for right now i guess ill just get half way in between both.
just bought old school and anchorman.. cant wait to watch them, reminds me of you girls.. memeber when we saw anchorman at that movie theater on williston road, it was the last night of its existence adn teh people totally just pocketed our money? yeah that was cool.
murda i laughed so hard at all of your pics and your comments.. i was so pleased they were actually up there due to wide request... i do have some funny ones for you girls though that i am not sure if you have witnessed... let me figure out how to upload...


so im here.
arent you proud?
and i laugh out loud regularly at this blog, which means of course, it is highly successful.
in case you guys havent heard it, which im sure you havent... the wyclef cd, the new one, is the best thing of my life currently.
ok just kidding about this blog, erin is here to pick me up and ill have to come back soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pictures in Motion

these are a couple of models I found before the party. oh what? is it a big deal? no I do it all the time

I don't know if you know but i Fucking Party With Models

"What do you think of these hmmmm?"

I made this myself for dinner tonight bitches who says I cant cook?

"oooo why must you put that stupid hat on a child who has no choice?" Fidadi Dodi

result laughing and taking drive by photos of small stupid child...stupid


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i wish the timestamps were accurate so that i really had 3 more hours before i had to go to bed.

i'm working at the bakery tomorrow which means waking up at 5:30 (or as tyler will argue: alarm at 5:30, awake by 6) which means going to bed at 11 which means its already past my bedtime but it also means that sometimes when you're pretending to be a grown person you can't go to sleep at 11 because it's stupid. caitlin made a wonderful giant meal and i'm laying in bed feeling it move through all the parts of my digestive system as we 'speak'. i'm anxiously waiting for the results of my food allergy test to come in the mail so that maybe i can know if i have to just stop eating something and i'll feel fine. which would be great. but very sad for the thing i can no longer eat, and for me who can no longer eat it.

ok, i gotta say, FINALLY to amber. too bad you were already voted worst blogger in the world ever even before your first post. you've got an uphill battle, my friend. welcome, regardless.

also, as an explanation to why there is a 'vermont' and the time stamp is so f'd up.... well, i'm an idiot. not for the time stamp thing because it did that to me too when i started my first blog and i only just figured out how to change it. i need to log into the account and fix it. but for the actual 'i'm an idiot' moment i started a whole new account (gmail and all) for whyarewesofunny the person because i thought i couldn't just add it on to my existing account which i later found out i could. so when i was registering whyarewesofunny the person it asked for a display name and i typed 'vermont' because i felt confused. needless to say, vermont is a contributor, if not the founder, of our dear blog even though he refuses to participate and may even be a worse blogger than amber. but i doubt it. ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

finally involved


dont fear or fret my friends i have finally arrived!!! i have no clue how to begin to explain the treacherous journey to which i have endured to arrive, but i made it and thats all that matters, lets me honest with ourselves. while ice fisihing in antarctica i have found time to finally blog.

ive recently been quite busy dealing with scary mover men who call me babe and sugar on the phone and "fugget abut it" style lingo to go ahead and tell me that its going to be 1800 dollars and to be honest with ourselves and rent a van. okay thanks. i got it. soooo... my american express card and i have been batteling it out, deciding which path indeed would be best to follow.... and cleaning my room? lets be honest with ourselves... and endless journey and task.

ive spent my days in dire need of some friend drinking dancing action and just wanting to watch movies. is that so bad? fizzle you would be upset and jealous to hear that i got a thai chicken wrap.. have you got yours yet? after our brief discussion of sorts the other day i decided i could wait no longer and most positively indulge in one, followed by my sister eating the other half behind my back and myself being .. well.. flustered.

murda i cannot believe you are in california.. i talked to you on th ephone and totally forgot to ask about it, i was too enthralled in how dumb i may look trying to configure the do-it-yourself auto wash and not make a total fool out of myself. anyone know anyone in the market for a ten year old wrangler?? hmm....

i fret to say i have nothing positvely phenomenal to share besides tyler and i 's brief "taste of the good life" full of champagne and caviar.. minus the caviar and the fact that it was ridiculously warm today... global warming. interesting. love you all, i know your proud that i actually made it on......

OK-I guess I'll blog again

What are you guys doing that you cant spend time with me on the interweb?
of course you NEED therapy
Devon, your crazy
we have been inflitrated.
monet the hilarious girl that I work with did a not so hilarious turned
into hilarious thing which was telling everyone at dinner that I have a
blog-she said the name: "and its called why are we so funny" and then
she said when you get back to DC read it at
then i peed my pants
THEN Jacob got his cellphone technology out in the palm of his hand and
read it outloud at the table
if i was white i would have blushed
but I'am brown so I didnt...well i might have but it was dark in the
resturant but I bet I did.
she and others that I work with are probably reading this as we speak
I vote that we vote Amber Pich the worst blogger of 2008:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

mercedes, you'll be happy to know that i think i need therapy.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why are people wearing uggs it is 65 degrees

i facebooked Amber and told her that she needs to get on the ball and send devy ONE email address that she wants to use, needless to say no response yet. Wait did she decide on the name Vermont or did you make that up Devon?

What I thought was funny was Nafisa's correct accusation about how long it will take me to get the awesome picture on our awesome blog. I actually am now posting in the West coast time zone. I sent Drew a text when I landed in San Fran at 9:27 am, and I left at 5 am I text Drew when it was noon in D.C that time zones are like time travel because well they are...

I am drinking chai tea in this beautiful living room that is basically allll windows looking out onto an old land fill that has pipes coming out of it to let the toxic gases escape... but when you turn to one side you cant see the landfill just the tops of palm trees.

Fisa-and devon maybe we are hipsters, maybe we need to accept it? maybe well not maybe but of course we are the best form of hipsters there ever were! You will make that movie fi da-your dream sequence will become a reality of tight denim ,vans, white oversized sun glasses, long necklaces, wearing the most awkward thing possible... and enjoying what devon likes to call "art" which is really just folding paper which any human over the age of three with a posible thumb can do...on the lower east side. sweeping your side bangs out of your eyes.

I hate student loans, but love Fleetwood Mac

There is a margarita party here in San Diego in two hours, and I am exhausted. Meanwhile I am blogging while the ppl in the room with me are talking about Ethiopia and religion...

no body thought "blog ya later" was hilarrrrious?

also check out my comment on devons post about funny votes. its important and funny
triple sidenote: vermont really needs to step up cause she hasn't been contributing diddlysquatshit to this blog. slacker. yeah, i said it...
sidenote: are we posting from the west coast or something, cause these times are reallyyy off. doublesidenote: i feel like such a hipster. blogging. maybe i'll get picked up to write my own screenplay and i'll cast m.cera in the main role and we'll fall in love and make ceradodi babies ceriedoodie poopies and it'll be great and lovelysplendid. *dream sequence ends*

miscommunication is funny?

this cute little girl is here with her babysitter to get a movie. she looks like she's about 5. after deciding that harry potter cannot be rented without permission from the mother, the girls says: "ok, well can i get speed 2?" SPEED 2!! i guess sandra bullock on a boat destined to explode crosses all demographics...caitlyn and i burst out laughing hysterically. the babysitter laughs with us. "speed 2, are you sure?" she asks. the little girl looks up quizzically. "yeahhh, i want babe 2" ohhh...relief. all is right with the world.


i am going to the airpooooooooooooooort

blog ya later!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

also, does anyone else think that this is so funny?

what the hell is amber's email address?!

i wanted to send her an invite to post in this too but i couldn't because i don't know which one to use and i hate sending it to like 3 different email addresses. actually, mostly i just hate when people send things to me in like 3 different email addresses. its dumb. i don't read any but one. anyway, michael landlord is standing at the top of my stairs outside my door right now changing the batteries to the smoke detector and i was trying not to laugh out loud at your posts because i don't want him to know i'm here and try to talk to me.

today i went with jen to the best ever coffee place called Pillow that we love that also has food (which is probably why we love it) and we were real business-like artists and put together to send away a bunch of copies of a little book we made together. we sent them to artists and people we like and publishers. we also wrote on funny pieces of paper in colored pens and cut out flowers from a piece of fabric and i made origami helmets that look like this:
it's called art, mercedes.

also, at Pillow there is this thing called the garden bagel which is pesto and cream cheese and lettuce and tomato and onion and this sweet sweet balsamic vinegar and i SWEAR if you ate it you would almost die of happiness its so good. i mean really. its SO good.

there's a mcdonald island?!!?!

hey there friends!
i'm so glad we decided to do this....why shouldn't the interwebworld finally be exposed to the hilarious nature of our interactions! devie: mercedes and i have an amazing picture that will be posted in t-67 years due to the molasses-like movements of a one mercedesmileshangsoutwithmodelsmack. hahaaa, still can't get over that story. at work. boo. trying to avoid doing work for the equipment guy scott. 3 successful hours, 4 more to go. wish me luck. he's persistent.

devie, i can't get juno out of my head. i freakin LOVED IT! can't believe how awesome the main chickgirl is and how much i love michaelevanbleaker cera. love, miss you both. hope you stopped crying pimp. devie, i made up an ode to you while i was getting ready this morning. now that we have a blog, i can share it with you. ahambm *throat clearing* "you're a part-time lover and a full time friend. i like your curly hair and i love that it's red. i don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else, but you." mercedes, i'll make one up for you too. AUHAMB "you've got a first name makes people lose their sense, but at least your last one doesn't rhyme with benz. i don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else, but youuuu" *THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE. LOW BOW. EXIT STAGE LEFT*

VT to NYE NYC to DC to CA

Hey Friends! So this is it a new blog and a new year, I am really excited because I think this year is going to be "my year" I can feel it, no more SnackWells cookies in my desk drawer, no more Silk Egg Nog and crystallized ginger for dinner. I am going to get out there, get fit, and embrace my 50's!

On the real though, I cant stand when ppl say that: "its going to be my year" what does that even mean?

Whats also NOT funny is that I have to get up at 4 am and walk to my boss' house to get in a cab to VA or Maryland I dont even know, and fly 5 1/2 hours to CA. PlUS I just had my pepper spray that Drew gave me taken away at the airport, which was to be honest a little embarrassing, I told the man-why are you taking that? It protects me plus I had lotion and a lighter. Give me a break I got to the airport 45 mins before my flight and my purse is called the diaper bag, there could be anything in there at any time and I cant be held responsible for it, Regardless they let me give the pepper spray to my mom who will send it to me along with the lotion. Then I cried at the airport, called Drew, Nafisa, and my mother, cried some more then hung out with " I Party With Models" wondered if he was judging me perpetually while we were talking, half listened to him because i was thinking about my pepper spray and finally landed went to get my bag-and they had told us the wrong carosel so we me and Party with Models waited for 20 mins, then I got in the car with Drew where I continued to cry VERY HARD to which he replied:

"So I guess you had a great time at home huh?"

Sigh...I have a feeling that I will be blogging more than any of you because I had a large amount of unsupervised time on my hands, and all I do is sit in front of a computer, until next time: