Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I would just like to say that YOU ALL SUCK at this blog.

thats all.


Monday, December 1, 2008

home sweet home

coming home the 22nd-29th snitches. everyone get ready!!!!! parrttayyY!!!!!

what is the new years plans everyone is having?!

everyone going to be in nyc but me? :( boo. come here!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

obama fever

Hello my dearest of dearest friendy friends.

it is thursday, the night of my huge benefit concert schoolhouse through rock for building with books at the subterranean! we have been getting ready for this event for months and its our biggest one yet and i cant wait. i hope that i recruited at least some people to go to it, we got three bands and two comedians from second city which is a stand up comedy club if you didnt know, and i am just really really psyched. Barack is actually an honorary member of the board which i think is pretty fantastic...
in case you want to learn a little bit more about ti http://www.buildingwithbooks.org/default.aspx there is some info for yoU! im so proud to be a part of it. not to mention proud that barack is our next president! i know i know.... everyone has already talked the death out of it.

i wish you had all been here with me in chicago.... it was just so exciting, i know it was exciting everywhere, but i feel like maybe especially here! hahaha :)

so i am totally depressed about not being able to find a job. i am startying to feel unhirable. but i must prevail........ i even thought i might et a job for chase bank but then they made me take an online math test and i didnt pass so i didnt get hired...i feel ashamed. im such a dumb dumb! and i thought where cimin works would hire me because they basicaly made it seem like a monkey could do it.. and then i got rejected!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh well.

life goes on.

gotta go hit the streets again....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008 Devon and Mercedes 8:33 AM east coast time (normal time)

me: kfd;'fkdflaka
i am so stressed out!
Devon: i know
me too
me: going to volunteer for obama in an hour
my boss closed up shop
Devon: i'm getting ready to do my 7-2 No on Prop 8 shift, so i gotta go
good for you and boss!
me: ok
yeah i love us!
Devon: i love you!
i know
me: xoxooxoxooxoxox
Devon: i know
me: ok ciao
Devon: sdfkljajsdfkl
me: <3
Devon: we can do this
me: text u later
yes we can!
Devon: ok
me: i can't believe i just said that
ok byyye
Devon: haha

Devon is busy. You may be interrupting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i have failed my first assignment as the national field organizer...
i want to cry and crawl in a hole and laugh all at the same time....
this feels almost as shitty as getting your heart broken in high school
i wish i was with you guys somewhere tropical

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

look at that in OH again!

so it really bothered me how sarah palin said that bologna about community organizers
does she know anything about the womans suffrage movement! the work those community organizers did then allow her to stand where she stands on that stupid stage TODAY!
all great movements have happened because of community organizers and communities organizing themselves.
hello sarah palin-that guy you love so much JESUS CHRIST-he was the ultimate community organizer thats all he did was go around organizing people around something he truly believed in.... and your totally into the book that tells the story about it so shut up
i wish she would stop talking.. i am so happy she is not my mom

and breathe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

why are we so funny

I am sitting in an cafe in Cincy, OH
And i saw the title of the blog on a tab and I thought
why are we so funny
its actually due to a mathematical equation and proper placement of spaceships

M+D/N*A=why we are so funny.

i will write way more soon

murda mack

love love.
its been like, a month and i havent checked this blog and clearly no one else has either. whats goin on with you darlin you live with too many boys? i feel like i havent talked to you in ages. and i know what you mean about not being able to be by yourself. that is why, if i ever meet a guy that i can stand more than two seconds, i will be terrified to move in with him for that very reason.

speaking of roommates, cimin and i are interviewing people to move in as i write this. did i mention that to you all? that collin is moving out? oh yeah. well , he is. we had a meeting with the financial advisor on monday, oh yes, my dad, aunt , collin and i . which was interesting to the T> of course, he told me again that i am drowing blah blah blah, but i finally understand it in the constructive critisism sort of way, coming from just a number basis, looking at my finances, from someone who truly cares about me and my family. but im stubborn, and maybe a little too independent for my own good, and i basically told them all to go to hell.. and then made everyone cry. literally. at the end, he was like, do you have anythig nto say, because i was staring at the floor the whole time, because we all know what a big cry baby i am, and i said no, and then colly took my hand and squeezed it, and told me i have to get it out...

so i preceded to say to , eh hem, no one in particular, that NO ONE IS HELPING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and never has, and that i have always supported myself, along with raising a child that was suppose to be a sibling, and since i was doing everything myself since i was 15, how does anyone have the right to tell me what to do..... yada yada yada ,and then i told them all abotu my dream about my grandfather..

did i mention that to you guys? well, since all this financial stuff has been going on and all of the money problems i have been uber stressed out and worried about life, and the other night, i had a dream. and it was not not not a dream. my grandfather came to me, and was holding my hand and hugging me, and tlaking to me, and he told me that i was just like him and that he knew that i was always trying to take care of everyone and that i had to just take care of myself for once, and that i could do it. he took my hand and he hugged me and he said that he believed in me, and that i should do what my heart tells me to do. i am bawling right now writing this even, becuase i KNOW that it was him. i could touch him, smell him feel him. i know it wasnt a dream, that he was there. that he came to me when i needed him and he told me to be strong and that could do it. i have never in my life felt like that before, or had a dream even close to htat. and i told them all, and they all started bawling , even john. because he was my grandfathers right hand man, his confidant, and when he was on his death bed he wrote a letter to sue, jim, and big john. about what he wanted from them, and told john to take care of his family. tear. i never knew that! so after all of htis, and a lot of kleenex... he turned to all of us, and he said. "Amber is staying in the city. we are doing everything we can to help her, adn to make sure that she does it. shes staying. we will meet and reconvene in january and talk abaout it again. " YEAHHH!!! adn then we all went out to lunch and talked about wierd dreams and family and laughed and cried some more. i heart him now.

so anyway, colly is moving back home because sue will not support him anymore, and i am staying, and we are interviewing roommates to live here. i get to steal his room though. ha ha . iam so close to reaching my goal for breast cancer i cannot wait. doodles, thank you so much baby girl. i heart you. and fizzle, if you ever read this again, tell your momma bear that i love her and relaly really appreciate it too. whats going on in all of your lives!!!????????? i never get to ttalk to anyone anymore.

i am waiting to hear abck about a job at a company called "its just lunch--dating for professionals" maybe you all have heard about it? its nation wide. hahaha i would bea dating coordinator. i had an interview last week, and met with 3 differnet people and shadowed a girl in the office, so i think it went well. i sent a thank you letter, and claled last week and left message and then called again today and left another, just to let them know i really really want it!!!! they specified in teh end that follow up was really important, so, eh hem, keep your fingers crossed!!

also, i had my first make out sesh !!! hahahhaah, it was with this boy named jason, aka, jay, that i kinda had a crush on that i saw at this club that was at with cimin and her brother in law the other day. ive never done anything like that before!!!! ahhahah god im so behind in the world. it was totally NOT me and totally pda, and totally hilrious adn we shut down the club at 5am!!! hahahhaha. i called erin the next day and she was like, ITS ABOUT TIME!! im so proud of yoU!!! hahahahha. advice from teh little sis... ps. we all discussed erins mysterious exuberant income at the family meeting and we alld ecidd that she should just give up the mystery, and open a business called "erins escorts" and that we would all be in on it, and that john could do the books. HILARIOUS>

anyhooza... i gotta get my fat booty to the gym and use this gosh darn membership that i cant get out of. damn contracts. LOVE OU ALL SO MUCH


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Not to be overly dramatic.
but I def. understand why Pink choose the album title MISSunderstood.
thats how I feel today about Drew and others (who have to remain nameless here). I can't even go home and be myself. So I have decided two things:
-I want to move to NYC and be closer to my fam
-I also just in general have to escape the fraternity that I live in.

any suggestions are welcome.

sometimes i feel miserable.


Friday, May 9, 2008

amber, it is definitely not to soon to send a "hello remember me i'm still interested and also awesome" email. in my opinion. do it!

also, you should all know that i'm sitting at home in a sweatshirt and no pants.

temp temp temping

ohhhh my love for property managment grows and grows with every day that passes..
hahahaha. so today my job entails, answering the phones and checking emails for tenants in the building who call and have spills, or its too cold/hot in their office, or they have bulbs out, or the toilets are on the fritz. joy! hahahahah. its acutally not bad but i dont think i see a future in it.
i am still waiting to hear back from my dream job situation, from buildingwithbooks.org you guys should check out the site.. its for a trek coordinator who plans the trips abroad, etc. you can see the job description on jobs at bwb at the top, if that is, you are interested enough to check out the website. what is the etiquet anyway, for checking up on the status of an application? ive figured out that it has been exactly 2 weeks to the day since i applied... does that means its too soon to shoot them an email and just say im checking in? i also applied to be on the committee for planning and volunteering.. just trying to ge tmy foot in the door! this job at the bar is so undependable i want to punch someone. such high hopes..
anyway, i cannot wait till the weather is nice for good! its been nice off and on and teasing us of the summer to come, whcih i cannot wait for! ive decided that i have officailly made two friends. one is named daryl and we haev actually hung out, and the other is named alli and we have hung out in groups, but i can definitly tell that we have a future of alone time hang out sessions. hahha how creepy am i. there is matt, the gay friend that works at the bar who is fabulous, but he is the manager, and the shift supervisor guy that makes the schedule and i am just frusturated with him and the schedule, and cant really tell where our friendhsip will evolve based on teh hierarchy drama. hmm... what is the etiquet for that too? how do i ask him about the schedule deal , as a friend and a concerned employ? do i do it at work? i just dont knwo these things.
anyhoo... i finally got my bbq grill.. my dad actually bought it for us can you believe that? crazy i know. so far we have used it once and i cant really get the feel for it yet because i totally undercooked my food and had dto put it back on the grill 3 times. i will learn. we also got 3 fold out chairs too so that is nice, we have some seating. too bad its in the shade! i cannot wait for you all to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so it looks like cimin may move out in sept, she doesnt like the area. that places a huge dilemma on us becuase she fronts teh biggest chunk of the rent/furniture. hahaha.. jeez louise. utnil then i hope the summer prevails and she stays.

i cant wait to go to burlington and see you nafisa! sorry that i cant be there for the graduation but we can definitly celebrate afterwards!!!! parrttyyy!!!!!!

well gotta go actually do my job. loveee youuu...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hey ya'll

so i am sitting in my hotel in MIA its my last night, the last night that I will spend in Miami for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry looong time. And thats the way I like it-I'll tell you what. It is a crazy crazy state. billionares to broke ass people within 15-20 mins of eachother. Its some crazy ass unlike anything i have ever seen. Did you know that one in every seven people in miami is an immigrant aka has migrated from their home country cause shit was bad.

o snap so I am um watching runs house-again i have now watched prob. 5 episodes now its so good... its um almost one am and i am watching tv at the best western in miami, 1/2 hour away from south beach where i could be droppin it like its hot till 6 am. i much prefer the best western

if i moved to MIA i would gain at least 200 lbs. I am saying this because of all the bomb ass food. My favorites would be the Haitian and the Brazilan- I need to find sources of both of those back in DC. its going to be strange going back there.

I was telling fisa on FB i need a home girl. Thats the prob. with watching Runs house it makes me want 8 million $ and one homegirl. (really i want you guys-but if i could get one homegirl that would be cool) or if i had a sister that i lived with instead of four boys that would be fine as well...

i'm getting a weave this summer... long really long and bangs bangin with bangs i'm excited no one can stop me... there were some haters trying to tell me not to get it.. naw mean

anyway i am stilllll in the hotel room
i need to get some dollar bills make some serious moves
and get my self a baller-rific something or other

peace always snitches feel free to come keep my lame ass some company

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

eat love pray

okay.. i am obsessed with this book. quote of the day so far, that i want to be my life:
pg 63 " i have to confess that i did go to one museum: the national museum of pasta, in rome. i found that all i really wanted to do was to eat beautiful food and to speak as much beautiful italian as possible. that was it. so i declared a double major, really- in speaking and in eating (with a concentration on gelato). "

oh the beautiful bliss. can i please just move back and this be my life again?
just food for thought for you really.
and now, back to reading.

Monday, April 14, 2008


the title is in response to the heavenly restaurant amber found...bravo to you, friend. wish i could eat there with you, like, NOW! i am at the lib...shocking. i just finished a geology lab and am about to start a paper before i go into work. shocking yet again. and yes, amber thank you for reminding me that devon is in japan, you are in chi-town, and mercedes....well, mercedes is breaking my heart in m.i.a. with pharrell. and i am here, in burlington, fucking vermont. pharrelless. god, i can't wait until i leave this place. but until then, i'm keeping myself entertained with my libcrush of the moment, whom i saw briefly this morning...sigh* and am hoping to see again before the day is through...double sigh** the last time i saw him, he smiled and winked at me as he rode by on his bike. i am taking this as a good sign. alas, i have yet to see him more than 10 ft from the library. hoping this changes soon. like before we graduate in a few weeks soon. would love to converse with him in the real world as opposed to the basement of bailey howe.

devie, i don't know if you're gonna be checking this in japanland, but if you do...i hope you're having an incredibly amazing fantastical time! can't wait to hear all about it. make sure you call/text me when you land on american soil (best damn soil on earth).

alright, lovers to you three and i'm gonna go eat something. i'm hungers to the 9th power. do powers go that high? ahhaaa. math genius...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a couple quick things

i am running out the door but two things in response to amba

i can not go to eat at that place and i totally was eating white choco like an hour ago you are a true friend

second why are you looking at personal ads on craigslist trick?

hahha jk lovies stinkies

Friday, April 11, 2008


why are we so funny? anyone?


ps. i just read my own post. i resemble someone with turrets. or add. or adhd, or just a genuine person with a serious attention span problem a long with other issues thrown in there. justtt a regular brittany over here. dont you worry. im 23.

OH the joy of Fundraising for a good cause

someone really needs to higher me i have decided.
i would be an excellent asset to the team and i know how to promote awareness.
now only if i could get someone to see that.
devon... you are in japan right now. WHAT?! and murda is in miami, and fi is in vt and i am in chicago. so freaking wierd. remember when all of us were out of the country at the same time? when murda was visiting ireland, and devie was visiting me in italy and fi was in south africa? that was crazy. we are just travling banchies.
it would be really great if you guys donated ps. hint hint nudge nudge.
i have shin splints right now. not a great feeling.

mercedes, i would move to miami after i visit there and check out/like it. but i like seasons. i mean, not crazy seasons, i.e. i am running a 5k this sunday mornign and it is suppose to be snowy and rainy. not fun.
buttttt i just discovered this extraordinary place in greek town that has a fantastical menu and i cannot wait to enjoy it, so maybe i can go after the race on sun to reward myself for good measure. it is where this all night diner used to be, right near uic and it is now called melis, and it reminds me a lot of magnolias, only not as granola-y. ive decided that i am torn between ordering, obviously one of the bendics, which, the portobello one and avocado one sound magnficent (everythign is cage free eggs, bravo for them) and it is also between possible creps.

mercedes: here is what you would order:
a. Chocolate Morsel pancakes: sinfully sweet chocolate batter with white chocolate morsels baked right in, topped with morsels of white and milk chocolate
b. Cloud "9" Crepes: Chocolate infused crepe batter filled with strawberry sweetened mascarpone. accented with fresh strawberries, fresh cream and chocolate sauce.

Doodle: this is what you would order with your anti-everything diet:
a. maybe a grilled veggie panini- marinated and grilled mushrooms, zucchini roasted red peppers, tomato red onions, pesto.. can you eat all those? sans mayo and cheese.
b. can you eat eggs? if so; one of the endless benedicts, ie avocado, portobello, vegetarian, florentine.
c. if not: veggie omelet.
interesting enough, if you did NOT have all of the restrictions:
d. possibilities= endless.
how is JAPAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am sendin gyou my address via facebook bc i feel as though that is safer, especially since i have a multitude of stalkers, obviously!

fizzle: your menu would be:
anythign and everything.
but what i would think you would like a lot is:?
The banana crepes: overfloweing with ripened bananas and sweetened with liqueur infused creme. topped with a glazed apricot puree.
b. The feta scrambler: tomato feta and spinach, how could you go wrong...
and pretty much all of the pankakes and the waffles because they are to die for (that i can tell by there description: sugared pecan, caramel banan, honey cakes...

so end of a lot mouth watering introduction. i am going there. and when you all visit, we are going there.
yuummm!!!!! whos hungry?! meeeeee!!!!
ill just eat another cookie...
mercedes, i think its HE-larious that you use blue tooth. i feel like you look a lot like your mom when you do. oober professional. hahahahhaha.
sooooo hope your all doign great in your gorgeous weather. ill just go hang out in the rain. i just ordered new rain boots from target, was so psyched.. and then they are way too big. and being stubborn, i wore them anyway because i wanted to pretend that they werent, and now they def, def are. shoot. so i tihink i will send them to my mom for her bday/motehrs day and then just buy new ones!!!!

oh so interesting post on craigs list for you taht i thoguiht you would all appreciate this guy sounds ooohhh so great.. and then he had to ruin himself with the last sentence.. damn him all to hell...
" I am a 30-year-old, well-educated, professional man who lives on the northside here in Chicago and works downtown as an attorney for a large law firm. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, workout, go out to bars, watch theatre, and catch a game at Wrigley Field or Soldier Field (I have Cubs and Bears season tickets). Or sometimes I justlike to relax at home and read or watch TV or a movie. Whenever I get some time off, I love to travel. I try to get to San Francisco, Wine Country, Europe, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, or some other exciting destination whenever I can. I'm looking for an amazing, beautiful, challenging woman to share some great experiences together. Ideally, we would go out, hang out with each other's friends, and have fun exploring all Chicago has to offer from wine tastings and gourmet restaurants to art galleries, farmer's markets, and ethnic neighborhoods. I also want to be up front that I have a very high sex drive and would ask that you have similar desires. If you're up for getting to know each other, drop me a line. Hope to hear from you soon."

now why did he have to go and ruin himself like that?
what is this world coming to.......

Breast Cancer 3-Day !!!!

I'm walking 60 miles in the Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day! Will you help me reach my goal?
i vote no moving to Miami and i think everyone will agree with me

i am wearing my blue tooth and i feel like a douch bag, and yes i actually use it for one hour conference calls


Monday, April 7, 2008

the west coast is the best coast

which is why i propose we move there. i don't want to live in new york (vermonters, here me out, there are no trees) and i don't want to live... well... anywhere near the atlantic. at least not right now. i'm sorry. i just can't. and with that, i'd like to take this opportunity to state my life plans through august of this year, although most of you already know them i think. and here i go:
at the end of june i will abort my mission to try to be a new yorker and begin my journey by returning to the homeland for two weeks. nafisa, that pretty much only effects you... which is weird btw. after frolicking around for a bit i will pack ONE bag with what i might need for multiple months and climates (an exaggeration) and i will journey (on my sister's dollar) to the windy city. amber, be warned, living with you will probably be a better situation than living with my sister. we shared a roof for a number of years, it wasn't really very successful. so i'll be there for like two weeks. or three. who knows! then i'm taking a train to either seattle or portland. my cousin might be having a baby pretty much right at that moment, so if that's the case, portland it is. i'll be staying in portland with adam. remember him? he's crazy, it will be fun. then, i'm heading down to the san francisco bay area. i think i'm going to stay with family friends but i actually haven't talked to them yet about it so i guess we'll see. who knows what i'll do when i get there. i just wanna poke around, see if it's possible to live there without a car... or any money. THEN if i decide not to stay in portland or oakland or something, i'll go to seattle, because i already know i like it there. a lot.

i'm scared. and excited.

also!!!!!!!! as everyone also knows i'm completely skipping OVER the west coast on thursday on my 14 hour flight to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!! yee freakin ha am i excited. sean and i are ready to go without being at all ready to go. i feel like i have so much and nothing to do to get ready. and in the meantime, i'll be at work.

ps as much as i hate them so much right now the federal government RULES. i just got my tax returns. i guess it pays to be poor as shit and able to write off 'supplies' for you 'buisness' that didn't actually make you any money like being and 'artist'. love it. hello new japanese clothes that will actually fit me because they will have my little size!!

hmmm what else? oh nafisa, i want to start getting over the phone tarot card readings. weekly. daily. hourly even, that way i won't have to make any decisions.

ok i guess i need to finish making the sketchbook that i'm making so i have something to draw and write in while i'm on the continent of asia.

i need people's addresses.


my location is the longest in our blog description, which means that i'm the best blogfriend ever. obviously.

bet i'm the only one eating a chocolate chip cookie right now..

and, it's delicious, hahhaa. suckas!

so, friends...we are gathered here today for a momentous blogpost from the one and only fi da fricken di. ahambham...i, pharrel/mcera/rob's future wife, hereby declare that you all (y'all) amberpich/mmack3104/deviedoodle will all live with me in a city of our choosing. this move will occur at the start of the year 2009. this move being hinged on whether or not 2009 turns out to be a real date in time...i don't even think the jetson's made it that far.

so...devon, let's not get too carried away with these seattle plans. amber, let's just stick with the bar job for now. and mercedes...let's get drew acclimated to the possiblity of leaving d.c. this may mean he will have to relearn how to order for himself when dining out with a boss. i, since i am leaving the least behind (except for the beansies bus, which has returned to its rightful home by battery park) will withdraw my opinion and simply be happy to move wherever you three decide. picking straws has served devon well in the past, so mercedes and am...why don't you two get together and you can pick hers for her over the phone. (no crossed fingers!)

ok...i'll give you guys some time to mull this over, quit any jobs, and get out of any outstanding leases. let me know when you decide in which city i should start looking for jobs. LOVE YA!

and sidenote: i will begin operating a psychic hotline. if anyone would like a tarot reading, i think ms. cleo's going rate is a buck per minute. affordable right? i thought so...laterssss

Saturday, April 5, 2008

um HELLO have i not been trying to push Wet Hot on you all for like 5 years? its the most genius and beautiful movie that ever existed that gets funnier every time you watch it.

"when can we say that?"
"anytime. before dinner. literally anytime"

Friday, April 4, 2008



i am actually really happy just wanted to write barf
only happy because its friday

amber i love the opening day post

where are you other two a-holes

oui oui
the frecnh are silly since when is "oui: not read as weee


watch wet hot american summer o nafisa if u move here by april 20th aka EArth day you can attend a free concert staring the roots on the mall so yeah

"I've really grown up a lot since before dinner"
wet hot american summer

Monday, March 31, 2008


oh the life of a cub fan.
today is opening day and im fucking ecstatic! the day i have been waiting for since i moved here!! whahoooo!!!!!! although it is rainy and dreary and coldish.. that does not hinder the superfans of the world. i was taking the bus today to my temp job and i saw all the stands set up and crazy cub shirt wearing fanatics lining up outside the stadium! its 9am and people are boozing and getting ready for teh game which starts at 12:20. gotta love summer. although i am not working, which kinda sucks, i got 3 shifts this week and am psyched! wednesday i am being a shot girl, which is um... interesting but fridya i get to be a server in section one which is SWEET!!! and saturday morning game day i am doing beer tub.!! love the money that will hopefully soon be mine.
so my temp job today is at a company that makes video games. how totally random! i am of course, just doing reception, but its still kinda cool/funny/boring. hahaha. i am actually not feeling well at all right now, and keep gettting waves of nausea that may eventually lead to vomit. i have no clue what its from. i am wondering if it could be a. that i never offically got over my sickness from last week adn may be developing the flu, which i hope is not the case... or that it could be left over from the weekend or from something i ate yesterday. i did have thai food and little mini tacos from the freezer...gross. i am crossing my fingers nad hoping it will pass.
i had such a good weekend this weekend and i am really happy to say it!!!
friday night my dad and aunt came up and took collin and i out to dinner at this amazing little italian place aroudn the corner from my house and then we just went home and went to bed, and then on saturday mornign i went to my information meeting abotu the breast cancer 3 day walk that i am doing in august adn that made me really excited for that. then i went to the mandatory meeting for the bar to learn about the rules for the week and the season, adn that made me excited becuase it meant i was one step closer to rollin in dough!! hahah well, hopefully.
then it was collins bday celebration time!!! ahhaha. we went out to dinner at this thai place around the corner from our house which has the best bubble tea that i have ever had in my whole entire lifeand you all must have some when you visit! and then we went out. it was by far the most fun i have had since moving here... nafisa, you would have appreciated it a lot... the crazy, hair shaking dancing came out of me in a bar where dancing really didnt happen, and me and this random goofy looking guy just busted out moves all night and i spent an excuberant aomount of money , where and when, i do not know... but it was so fun and we were out until like 4am and then we all came back and made a frozen pizza and hung out! we had a bunch of random people over that coll grew up with and it was so fuN! i finally felt like i lived here and it was exciting. i wish you girls could have been here it would have been complete!
things with tyler are finally looking up and i am really happy about that too. we have been getting along fantastically adn not fighting at all, and he finally decided to go to a therapist and i cannot wait for him. he got anti-depression medicine from his family doctor, adn got recommended to a specialist that he is seeing on friday. he is really nervous but it can only mean good things and i cannot wait!!! he is going to get so much better and hopefully hylep himself and its just a beautiful thing.
nafisa... i am very happy for you that you finally figured things out about andrew. i feel like you guys were just in limbo for a long time and you really just needed some closer. i of all people, totally understand how hard it is to let go of peopel you erally loved and cared about, and that you want to keep them in your life, but basically, once youve been having sex with someone for a long time and then no longer are, its hard to hold a regular relationship. i mean, thats obviously not waht it is all about, clearly, but you know what i mean by that analogy. i am also happy that you got to go to costa rica and do all those amazing thigns and i totally wish that i could have been there with you on your birthday.
i still need to talk talk to you, what was yoru funny story i never heard.. nor did i hear how you happened to mis place your cell phone and have no clue where it was hahahaha i hope it was a good night!
doodle.. how is the art display going and the new job at the restaurant. have you started training yet.?? you are leaving for japan so soon! god i am so jealous and i cant wait to see all of the amazing pictures you are going to take!
murda, i want t come visit you so bad! i am tlaking to you on gchat right now though so i guess i dont need to talk to you in both..
i love you all and miss youuu tonnss!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


me and my family have a blog, its fucking kick ass

I am the only one who has blogged yet but whateva

I am really very hungry AMber come visit

peace always

Sunday, March 23, 2008


i feel like this is my first blog ever. but really it's just my first blog in a million years. my mom said that she was reading our family friend's blog (she's in morocco: peace corps) and i thought to myself, "ok. if my mom can blog, so can i." also, since i haven't had a chance to talk to am and devie about my trip, i'll just do that here and save some phone time.

my trip: alright so. the first four days were awesome. got there sat. spent sat night in san jose at a hostel cause my luggage did not arrive with me. bought a dress and flip flops sat night. sun we were at the airport all day. bag didn't come. took a bus to herradura where he lives. mon-thurs he worked from 7:30 to 3:30/4. i slept in, went to the beach. he lives in apts directly next to his school and right across the street from the entrance to a 2mile long resort. crazy. also, down the street abt 5min is the beach. really crazy. the town he lives in is small, but abt 15min away is jaco, which is a tourist strip with a million restaurants/bars/stores/etc. we went into jaco quite a bit for dindin and drinks. i got my luggage on tuesday so for the first four days, i was living in the dress i bought sat night. hahaa. crazy. so, on my bday: i went to the beach, wished i was with you guys, went into jaco, wished i was with you guys, andrew got me a massage for my bday, we went to dinner, i wished i was with you guys, we had drinks, played pool, i got wasted, and wished you guys were there. next year: friend birthday.
friday, he took the day off and we took a water taxi across the nicoya peninsula. yowza and a half. it was close to 2 hrs of the choppiest shit ever! my bumbum STILL hurts from that ride. we arrived in montezuma, which is this tiny town on the ocean. so gorgeous. i think that side of costa rica is much prettier. we took a cab with a norwegian couple to santa theresa, this little surf town and hung out on the ocean, had lunch, found a hostel. i got really upset with andrew at lunch so friday afternoon/night was not too pleasant. this was kind of the beginning of the end i guess. we had the best dinner of the trip at this place that was right across the dirt road from the trailer we slept in. the sign said: try our chicken, it's the shit. and it most certainly was. crazygood. we went down to this beachfront bar afterwards and met this american bartender who, praise jesus why was i there with andrew?, was so so sooo goodlooking!! he had just moved down from florida that week and didn't really speak much spanish, but he could've spoken no english for all i cared. he was hot. so saturday we went into mal pais and hiked around a bit and had some ocean time. then we took the water taxi back across. AHHH!!! even more painful than the first time! BUT I SAW A DOLPHIN!!!! it was right next to where i was sitting and i turned around to tell everyone and no one else saw it....it was soo cool! soo...we got back into herradura and it was my last night so we went out to jaco for dindin and then to this place that had 2 for 1 drinks where we were for my bday. met up with andrews friends, who i really liked. (1 suspicious one though) we went to some bars where ladies drink for FREE! absolutely no money involved. you go up and get whatever the fuck you want and they say ok. and you walk away. amazing. i got wasted. i ended up leaving andrew at one point with the suspicious friend and going to kfc with the normal ones. hahaa. so sunday i left andrews at like 8am, flight left around 230pm. i got the last fucking seat praise the lord. got into charlotte late that night. spent monday with my cousin and her kids. and got back to btown at 1am. thank god, because i almost didn't make it. i missed 2 flights cause of standby, but i got on the last flight out of philly thankfully.
and now, here i am back at home! wrap-up: i can no longer be close friends with andrew, which i told him my last morning there and reiterated in an email. so, that's that. it's just not good for me to have him as a daily part of my life. even if he's living far away. so, i'm grateful that i got to go down there and figure that out. i hope you guys are doing well. i really miss you all. can't wait until warmer, less stressful times where we can hopefully see one another.
devie: LOVE THE HAIR LADY!! so spring forward, ahaaa. i cut mine too on friday, but nothin drastic. same ole same. alright, i have stuff to do, but i will call you guys soon. lovies. xoxo

Friday, March 21, 2008

its short again!!!!!

i feel so much liiighterrrrr.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

lots of lauggghing due to the last posts

Ok I just want to say that maybe we should go to BTOWN for Fisa's graduation!! that could be fun and it SHOULD be warm by then there. hahah

I just want to note that next week in our nations capitol it will be sunny and warm all week i love living in a place with actual seasons lalalla flowers are sprung, blossoms are blossoming, love is in the air! but not in terms of the people ya'll. in terms of the nature.

I am on a\conference call, sending emails, and barefoot right now. my neck hurts from holding the phonne

I had the option of going to the mtg in person but figured it would be more time efficient but next time i am just going to go because its not as interesting and there is sooo much to distract me

little social justice plug: Check out ActionAid they have a report about women and climate change. We Know What We Need...google it if you want some knowledge for yo braiiiin.

There is a national corn dog day that I got invited to celebrate... hahah funny corn dogs are wicked gross.

I bought a book called Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity
Anyone who does anything that involves doing more than one thing should get this book. I am so excited to finish reading it and get my new binder together. It gives you wicked concrete examples abt how to organize there are charts and graphs in the book flow charts its great, and I LOVE a good calender. although it makes me want to get a blackberry even more which is expensive and I have not been workin' the corner like i use to ladies let me tellllll you!

Since Drew has been gone I am getting shit done! It's great I love it tonight i plan on staying late and applying tactics from my new book to all the crap on my desk. Last night I stayed late and went to the bookstore (where a guy complimented my new hair), Tuesday night I went to a happy hour with drew's friend's boyfriend and others and monday night i stayed and volunteered at work, its been so nice! i love it and know that it will not last but wish that it would sigh

i am going to tell before devon can and hopefully she does not get mad but she DID abandon me on gchat just now so....
but she is thinking of getting her hair cut wicked short: "not mama billie short but kerry russel short" excitement!

I am headed back to Miami in April and am thinking about seeing what service options are available in Haiti.Since I know of a woman who just moved to Africa last month and I am learning more and more abt it I am becoming more nervous to go there. I know its big! so "there" does not seem like the right word to use but...
When I read some of her experiences they make me uncomfortable and i know i am not ready for the challenges. basically as a woman here I don't think I could live without the privileges that I have here even little things like privacy and writing things like mind your own vagina, I think I would have to behave and i dont want to do that... also James Drew's Kenyan friend from work says things like
Mercedes will have to cover her hair when you come to visit, ppl think dreds r dirty there, she will also have to stay a good distance from you or ppl will think she is a prostitute... soooo yes u can see why that is concerning hahaha

ok hello I really should not be doing this blogging right now so peace out sister friends of the mother earth that made us!


Bed Bugs.,
Devon. not that this applies to you anymore, thank the lord. but it hought that it would be better for everyone to know for the future just in case we should come across these instances and conditions again.
there is an article in the wall street journal today, march 20th 2008 in section D1. i am not sure if you can look it up online without a subscription or not but it says:\
there is a company called Stern Environmental Group LLC located in secaucus, NJ but serves NYC, started using a technology that sprays the bugs with icy carbon dioxide to kill them. also, people have been using giant hair dryers to heat up a room and bake the bugs to death. also, in nyc bedbugs and beyond removes peoples furniture from their bomes and fumigate with poinsonous gas, (which does not seem good to me). they say the reason that the bed bugs come back is because they have been developing resistance to pesticicides! creepy/gross. they say that they enter your hosue from hotels and through secondhand furniture. so if the place that is exterminating using pyrethroids, call someone else because that is what they are resistant too.
CRAZINESS!!! . again, i know this is not helping you, but if in the future it happes., check it out!


true story devon, i played ddr with petey in february for one night and my thighs and butt hurt so bad the next day i could barely walk, and i couldnt figure out why for the longest time. hahahah oh this day and age of video games and excersize. how is that wii anyway? they ahve it at the bar i will be working at . interesting.
i did actually know abotu the dirt cookies. i read this huge article about it and wyclef has a blurb about it too actually on his website yele.org isnt that crazy?!
i mmiss you girls p.s.
i do pick up the phone! and if i dont i always call back and its a phone tag operation.
for some reason i do not get service in my basement bedroom so a lot of times i miss calls bc it doesnt ring through down there and i just get voicemails. stupid.
good thing i dont spend too much time down there.
devie i cannot wait for you to come visit! valid, july is not that close. but i can still be excited about it.
erin bought a car. can you believe that? where does this girl get her money i have no clue. i swear she hords it or something. she makes everyone pay for everything for her while shes just ballin out of control w her bank account.
according to her, it is a 1993 saab and it is gold. how perfect is that for her. jeez. seriously though. this money.. is she selling herself on the side? she only works 1 or 2 days a week if that, and she pays rent/groceries/bills etc. im so confused/jealous.
my bank account on the other hand just depletes more and more everdya... AHHHHHHHH!!!
nafisa i want to get a hold of you so we can disccuss how yoru vacation went! i hate that we have opposite schedules and that you have homework. boo.
when is your graduation date exactly anyway?
welllll i love you all. i am goign to go back to gchatting and pretending i am uber busy.
ps, i thought youd all like to know that my landlord requested me as friend of facebook.
what is this world coming to?!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my embarrassing confession

i played wii boxing yesterday for a half hour and now my arms and back are really quite sore.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm just saying

its not a failure amberrrrrr

it is a work in progress dont be so negative

I refuse to call you anymore because you never pick up the phone.

its actually spring here! i like living in a place that has actual SEASONS, its great.

I am thinking of a last min. flight to VT or a saturday bus ride to NYC sigh can't decide

i lOVE! whoppers robyns eggs for easter

a target just opened by my house I spent 220 there in one weekend. maybe more I can't remember, but lets just say i thought i had way more in my bank account and when I checked it yesterday the monnnney was not there that i thought should be

oo well it comes and goes

SOME people in impoverished parts of Haiti have been eating dirt cookies made of DIRT, vegetable oil and salt then dried in the sun and then consumed because there is not enough money for a grocery trip.

so thats something to think about
for more info go to www.jubileeusa.org and check out our blog

drew is going to PR on saturday, it will be a lonely week of sleeping.

cheery blossom fest next weekend amber you should come this way for it.

ok i am at work peace

Sunday, March 9, 2008

complete and utter disapointment

so i would just like to say.. this blog has turned into a failure. no one ever writes in it, and that makes it completely unsuccessful and disappointing. does no one have anythign to say anymore?! whats happening to our friendships?
so you know katie from the road rules who has been on the gaulntlet a couple of times who everyone hates on the show? well, we were just at this bar (mind you its sunday) going for brunch specials and no one wasthere... she came in to the bar by herself and saw these totally random drunk freak girls alone.. in a bar on sunday, alone.. and proceeded to introduce herself as katie from road rules. sweet. shes a big fat loser. and we laughed at her. hahahahahaha
lovvvveeee meeee...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I could honestly kill someone.
fuck st mikes for doing this to me.
im looking up plane tickets right now.
i wish i didnt know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

o hey amber

you are going to cry

Saint Michael's Student Association brings hip-hop, rap star Wyclef Jean in Concert April 4

plus tickets are 30 bucks

here are some tissues

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i posted DC photographic highlights on my other blog.

poop on you.

so is this blog extinct now or what?
why is it that i feel as though i am the only one writing in this thing? previously voted as worst blogger ever s now the only blogger.
oh thats right. im the only one without a job or shit to do.
im sitting here wallowing beacuse i cannot leave the house because it is a. freezing outside and i hate walking int he cold... and b. because every time that i leave the house i spend moneya nd lets be honest, i do not have an exuberant amount of cash to just be throwing around like its going out of style... hmm.. interesting.
so i have one week left of my free gym membership and i need to go to the gym, becuase all i do is lay around and eat, but it is so cold out the six blocks is feeeling very far away.
cimin started her job today so i cant even hang around and complain wiht her anymore, its down to collin and i. and all he does is sit on the computer on the futon all day and watch tv. booooooooo boys will be boys.
so i am in the love with my new little baby guy computer. it is fantabulous and i cant even tell you how many cool things are on it beaucse i dont even know yet because i havent figured it out.
HOW WAS DC anyway? i am so totally jealous that you guys all got to be together there. devestation proclamation. wish i could have had a little fun in that sun.. just like mercedes is having right now in her eighties music playing restaurant in miami. totally jealous.
wellll i guess i should just get my ass out of the sac now and do something with my life. miss you all totally lots.
lovvveeee youuuuuuu

Thursday, February 14, 2008


ok, first of all AMBER, the reason you feel disconnected is most certainly not due to the fact that you are in the midwest but entirely reliant on the fact that you simply refuse to pick up your phone. i mean, what's up with that?!

ok, that being said, i'm so so so glad you're making your life out there in the big city. run into mera recently? her friend lives in that neighborhood...its only a matter of time. i hope one of you is on the phone with me when it happens. ALSO, fyi, i'll probably be out there this summer. for like a week. or more. who knows?!?!?!? not i. i'm in the market for a new city to live in, and, although chicago is not really on my list of potentials, it is most certainly a stop along the way. 'twill be great!

well, because no one else has said it and i feel like being so annoying: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. caitlin was talking today about how oprah was talking about how you don't have to be in love to celebrate. how you could celebrate with your friends, or your grandparents, or your dog, or your blog. ok, i threw in that last part BUT ITS TRUE. i mean, its valentines night and pat and caitlin are in the other room watching law and order: svu (our favorite show) and i'm in here talking to you fine people via the interweb. its a beautiful thing. the gift of my undying love for you three summoned by the gods of hallmark and conversation hearts translated into 1s and 0s and back again and delivered right to your screen and into your eyeballs and into your hearts. amazing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

chi-town slide.

okay.... sooooo i am the only one without a computer and a viable excuse to not be writing in the blog but i am on my borrowed computer of collins which i finally pried from his almost dead lifeless fingers because he has not gotton off the futon since ive arrived and he has just sat here, rocked. had the computer on his lap and watched tv...... and then weve played rock band.
if i had my computer i would post the lastest pics for you guys becuase you would absolutly die.
cimin and i are officially rock stars. our band is called fremont divass... yes two s's, i am the guitarist slash drummer when i feel and cimin in the absolute singer. i have forfitted my singing abilities based on the fact that i know 0% of the rock songs on the game and therfore cannot ever figure out the pitch, so i sound sadley, probablly like our poor little tone def friend, ahem... no names please.
anyway we are on tour right now and have conquered seattle, and are halfway through la, chicago, boston and new york..... impressed? check out our myspace page which will be arriving online shortly....
anyway, so is my life.
i sleep in my dungeon bedroom which has no light and i have no idea what time it is, and then crawl out of my layer far enough to plop down in the inevitable love sac, where, cimin and i snuggle and sporadically travel to the kitchen to snack.
we have gone to the gym, twice. where we kick ass, and which is the most expensive venue i have ever been to, which is why we are using the two week free trial and then bailing.
i did apply, cause i figure, why not? lifes not htat bad. hahahah. maybe i could get a free membership and atleast it would be a job, no?
i do have an interview at the bar up the street on friday morning, im praying that i get it, because every "real" job that i have applied to is telling me they are reviewing applications in march and that is kind of a long time and i dont know if i can actually swing it that long.
man money goes fast in a city.
as you all know.............
its absolutly freezing here and the weather has been suck ass, its hard to get out of the house and force ourselves to be productive. i did sign up/apply for the temp agency that collins gf works for so hopefully if anything i will at least be getting an income sometime soon. cross your fingers for me. there do seem to be a lot of cool jobs, but now is a tough time to be finding one because its an awkward time of year for people to be hiring. scary.
we still have absolutly no furniture upstairs, apparently the living room set is being delievered on friday, but bar stools are still non exisitant and we have no where to sit when we eat. i found smashing ones on target.com on sale for 25.oo a piece which is bomb, but it costs 90 dollars to ship them here, which is more than the damn stools themselves, and they do not sell them in the store of course, adn they will not ship them to the local store either. assholes.
still on the quest....
so what is going on in your lives? i feel like i am so disconnected being in the midwest and all. i am totally sad that i do not get to join in this upcoming weekends festivities full of friendship and laughter and joyous fun. boo.think of me okay? maybe call me on speaker? boo.
can i just take a moment to say that FUCK VALENTINES DAY. yes. thats how i feel. a holiday designed by hallmark to make single people feel like shit, couples who have to spend money, and people that are part of couples feeling shitty when their significant other does not either a. get them anything or b. gets them a shitty gift. I DETEST IT. thats how i feel. its a total fake holiday and i just cant even help myself, i dont want to buy into. which sucks, because i still buy my mom, sister and brother cards adn send them to them every year, just so they feel like someone loves them. what a lonely day.
soooo now since i have nothing to do, no computer to sit on, and no life, i guess im goign to follow cimin around while she goes to look for a picture frame to frame the picture of her and her perfect boyfriend kissing for this not so wonderful holiday. awesome. feeling great.
welllllll love you all.. hope your weekend is superb and im totally totally jealous that i will not be a part of it...
signing out, stay classy northeast dwellers.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Little lady amber

oo by the way i callllled you last night and you did not pick up and you have not returned my call and hello you moved away and accouridng to the news there is lots of crazy weather over there, so you gotta let me know whats going on with you and tyler and everything

I just wanted to say i loved your post and made me feel so happy and grateful (grata) for you three people.

Amber I wish you could get your italian ass over to DC for the long weekend.


oo and i miss little erin

Sunday, February 3, 2008

real friends

So last night was Erins 21st Birthday. craziness, i know. which means that we are very old. and ive decided to title this blog entry real friends, because ive noticed, they are really hard to find. i was talking to erin last night as we were walking downtown and she was crying, yes.. totally, its my party and ill cry if i want to status, only that was just it, there was no party. for the last of her roommates 21st they all got dressed up in their party dresses and rented a limo and went to stowe and did all this fun great stuff and bought her gifts and erin really got her feelings hurt bc her friends didnt do anything for her. legitimatly. one of her roommates, invited her newest "guy fling" to dinner, as we were waiting, she was conveniently tellin ghim how she sleeps naked at night, espeically after ocming home from a night at rasputins, when she takes a shower and gets in to bed naked... yeah.. serious. anyway.. we waited at flatbread for 2 hours to get a table, and this rmmte of hers invites this dude no one knows, and fails to even let him know that this dinner celebration is indeed just that, a celebration, for erins birthday . oh and by the way, shes the one in the red sweatshirt..
so anyway, we do this, and everyone is like, wahtever. not being cool, and then it was funny that no one i.d. erin until we sat down, she had alreayed had about 4 beers by this point, and then when our waitress came over, she got id, and it happened to be none other than ms molly conant.. like hello? she knows her. and then she said it was sad that the new year is 1987 for cut off and that were old, and then didnt id anyone else..
anyway, this is all besides the point. pretty much the story goes, none of her friends went downtown to celebrate w us, not one, just erin and i walked down together, as she cried.. and stupid red square tried to charge us 10 dollars to get in, adn i said, yoru crazy. and we left, and proceeded onto jps where erin and i did our first karoake ever, to Mambo #5. together. and then jenna lafayette showed up, totally random, with a shot of goldschlager and her girlfriend.. finally she came out. which everyone nkew but she had never admitted i guess.... totally random.. and then finally real friends came.
point in case.. we were having the convo about how it is rreally really hard to find real friends that you hold onto.. and i realized that if i had lived her and nafisa had not... i would want to kill mysefl.. bc i do not have any friends except you guys. the only friend i came out of college with was tina.. who i met through real high school freinds, aka nafisa. which is point in case, bc now i am moving.. and odnt have any friends where im going.. and im wondering, how do you meet friends at this age? i mean college you are set up to, and some people walk away with real ones, but how do you meet girl friends in real life? mercedes, any pointers? do you have some? can i share???????
so being the fact that, all erins roomates are college friends and dumb and stupid.. and she shouldnt care about them bc real friends are all that matter, its just hard when they live super far away.. TEARRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS..
my bed is officially out of my room now, and its just a bunch of clutter that i need to pick up and pack for it to be the end of it all... its so wierd to actually be offfically moving out of the hosue, like everything. like no more mama.. im depressed.
it actually hasnt hit me yet, im sure it will be the tomorrow goodbyes and the driving away with the loaded vehicle that will start my major breakdown. devestation proclamation.
but its a good thing. i will just miss my momma bear and my safety net of living at home with real friends. more tears.
and even more tears that devon is allergice to dairy.. bc that is clearly all of our favorite things in life. can you take like, a lactose pill or something for htat so that you can still eat it? that is some bs. so does this mean you can drink alcoholic beverages now bc you ve fianlly discovered the mystery and that tis not acid reflux? i would cry. ill cry some tears for you tomorrow devon.
ps did i mention i was hiking philo with the fam on sunday and saw your mom? totally wierd!

so after all of this feedback, ive decided that twenty one really just is, just another birthday, and there are plenty of red squares out there, and that real friends are hard to come by, but im glad i have three.
love you all.
i wish i had more to say in blog form. i haven't been writing in mine, either. all i can say at this moment is that i'm very excited to be taking a bus adventure down to our country's great capital. and to be seeing some pretty ok people while i'm there.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well devon it looks like its just me and you

I have started a series in my head called "If you'r asking me"

it goes something like this

If you'r asking me.... "if I think your face is disgusting" then I would have to say yes.

or perhaps If you'r asking.... me if I would eat a $500 chesseburger and you would pay for it" then I would say Yes.

and so on and so on, these situations literally come into my head at least twenty times a day, and of course now I can't remember the good ones. But I will throw them on here when I find good ones.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

speaking of hilarious

i've spent WAY too much time by myself today, and for some reason in my random thought process i found myself wondering when i joined facebook. because i didn't really remember. so i looked at my wall and went aaaaaaaalll the way back to my first wall post. which was in january of 2005. which is sick because that means three years of my life are documented on the internet. aaaaanyway, i started looking at some of my other posts from the past and found this (note: amber's post comes first):
and i thought to myself, "all is right in the world."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

funny runs in the family

gchat me and mama bills 26 Jan 2008

me: i am trying to
write up a post for my apartment but I dont know what to say
Billie: say...'Small pets need someone to care for them"

Friday, January 25, 2008

one vote in favor from the honorable missssssssssssssss mack

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a grand idea

i think at the end of each month we should give a special award to that month's worst blogger. that way we will constantly be using the powerful tool of negative reinforcement to motivate our blog's members to succeed. or just motivate them to post.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think that we should have a moment of silence for Devon's loss.

may you always remember the cheese in your teeth, the chocolate milk in your throat, and the bacon, egg, and cheeses that graced Brooklyn bagel shops everywhere

ever loathing dairy god, why do you hate devons small intestine? perhaps if we make a sacrifice things would change...

FYI Nafisa, you are slowly gaining ground to become the worst blogger of Jan 2008. What you work and go to class all the time or somethinggggg? Devon's allergic to dairy!! this is a big deal

we need you

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well, to continue the trend...

of posts that involve a lot of complaining. i thought i'd let you all know that my life ended about 10 minutes ago when the letter came from my doctor in vermont to tell me that i'm allergic to dairy. i cried. a lot.

it feels like anger..inside

this is why i am angry
the kind of angry you can feel inside

because when i was walking to work today some idiots who dont know how to mind their own business were carrying around signs with pictures of fetuses that had been aborted,the anti-choice aka pro life people came to D.C. today to disrupt things and u know i wanted to strangle them so this was the beginning of the day..i mean the START thats not a good way to feel and it does not put you in a good mind set let me tell you


someone was just leaving work and said the pro lifers took over DC today

and i thought to myself...who REALLY is AGAINST LIFE no one who is pro-choice is against LIFE.... its all about language and how people manipulate it to make it work for them and that really pisses me off. and i said all of these people who wasted their time and money coming here i feel bad for, its none of their business

and he said well someone could say its none of our business to care about starving people and I said thats absurd! no one that we are fighting for is choosing to be hungry, homeless, and in danger. Women should be able to make choices with out people getting up in their face like we cant make our own decisons...if men had abortions i bet there wouldnt be nearly as much as a stir, and even if people wanted there to be one they would fail- because men wouldnt let that shit go down....

basically i am right
and everyone should just mind their business and their own god damn vaginas
ps. jabronies.
love that word. whats that from anyway?
your all a bunch of jabronies.
out of context? maybe. awesome? yes.

organized chaos

so friends. how are you?
im sick right now.. i just got of an extrodinarly long, shriveling bath which gave me nothing but utter relaxation and tranquility, but now im tired and want to nap. i should, bc my throat hurts but now im just waitin gfor my hair to dry because i hate that soggy, wet pillow feeling. gross.
devie.. it was so nice to talk to you for an extended period of time and not be too interrupted. lets keep that up.
murda, yes i did see that leahy endorsed obama, i got a letter in the mail actually, now im on the email and mail list ever since i wrote him and bernie those letters telling them to fight agianst the new anti abortion crazy talk act. kudos.
how did you get all those cool pics anyway?
i think i told you that i discovered feist on the radio in chicago and i am def interested to hear some more.. i just dont have downloading capabilities on this pos computer so i cant really get any new music, and since my computer is dunzo i have no way to update new songs onto my ipod, therefore, i still have the same shit on it that i did well, when i got the damn thing over a year and a half ago. sick. ive pretty excit3ed, ive been gettin ga lot of response to my car, i put it on craigslist on saturday which is such a beautiful thing, and have had over fifteen people respond to the add and one guy has come twice now to look at it. he offered less than what im asking for it, and im already asking too low for it so i did not except, but i told him if no one offers my asking price by the time i leave, i may reconsider.. but anyway the point of that is, i am using the money to buy a new computer, pay off my credit cards, and my moving expenses, and then the rest is going into my mini emergency trust fund.. which who knows.. the next few months may be permanent emergencies. its really sad though, clearly you all know how obsessed with my car i am, so it will definietly be the end to a fine dynasty..an end to a ten year marker and a huge part of my life filled with ample memories of craziness, banchy driving, and love. its actually devestating and i cry often, but its only a thing, and things are replaceable. so.... such is life.
im actually getting totally excited about moving, as i should be. the closer and closer i get to the d day, the more i actually just want to get it over with and go! a new adventure awaits me and im scared shit list but totally excited.
ps... during lal this typing, i have been on hold with my car insurance company for lets see. t-14 minutes of day time use and im not happy, just to tell them, that they cancelled my car insurance when i didnt ask them, but i need to do it anyway, and do i have to pay fees? waste of my time. should have called from the house phone. boo.
on a side note... did you know that if someone is out of the country, aka, my dad in china... and you call them, even though it is a local number, you get charged the air time fees and not them, even though they are the crazy ones that pic up there cell phones when they are in china? crazy.
anyhoo.. the insurance lady was just a raging bitch to me and i wanted to hang up on her. what is wrong with people these days and having common fake customer service?
jeez louise.
well.. gotta go.. happy nappy time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

sitting and staring

right now i'm sitting on my bed looking at all the clothes strewn about my room wondering how a room full of this many individual articles of clothing could produce so few outfits to my satisfaction. its mind boggling, really. i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger. if necessary i'm sure we could impeach amber from the worst blogger title and mercedes could find some totally awkward picture of me to post with my newfound title. please don't though. i've been meaning to tell everyone that i started an email address for us when i started the blog that i thought was needed to start the blog that ended up not being important. anyway, it's whyarewesofunny@gmail.com . it may come as a shock to all of you that our inbox is empty. it was a shock to me, i'll tell you what. i'm not going to give you the password now but if you want it ask me for it because i don't want the thousands of other people who read this blog to sign into it and start writing posts under the name 'vermont'. even though i guess if they were funny it might be a new and exciting kind of contribution. whateverrrrrrrr.

i'm bored and things in new york feel confusing and scary and i'm once again seriously questioning whether or not this is where i want to be living. last time i felt this way i rearanged my room and invested serious time in a boyfriend and i felt better. i don't know if that's going to cut it this time around. we'll see i guess.

this post is more emo than funny. it required me putting on some black eyeliner in preparation.

amber you'd be so proud of me, i've been watching all of the lord of the rings movies. it has taken over a week to get through the first two because i don't know if you know they are SO LONG and sometimes a girl's gotta work in the morning/falls asleep by accident. i may watch the 3rd one tonight as a reward for actually putting away all the clothes that are strewn about instead of just staring at them. or i might just watch it as a reward for being lazy. which is ok too, as far as i'm concerned. lately i've been just wanting to read things like harry potter or watch other-worldly movies but then as soon as they are over i feel a deep and genuine sadness that those worlds don't really exist. i just wanna have a conversation with the trees or something.

Friday, January 18, 2008

This is HOw my Heart Behaves

"the rain the rain making me cry"

Yesterday there was "snow storm" here in D.C. meaning that it snowed for a couple hours, then turned into rain, and people freaked out. In the paper this morning there was actually an article about the "snow storm" and the

four to five inches

it brought... these people don't know how good they have it. I thought you folks would appreciate the absurditiy of it all...sigh

I also wanted to share some thoughts that I have already had this morning! Its about 8:45 a.m. right now: I wish when I had seen Feist at the Flynn that I had stuck around after and gotten a picture with her, it would have been entirley possible, such a small place and eveyone left so fast, i also wish i had grabbed the set list but at the time i didnt know how awesome it would have been to have it. Now I will forever remember the small white hand that dashed in front of me to grab the set list that was on the back of the piano right in front of me, while I was talking to the piano guy about how awesome his life is... tears

also as much as i miss home there is something amazing and stunning about D.C. that is where I work not all of of D.C. hahah. The buildings are so dramatic and the arichtecture is beautiful and the sky is almost always blue that walking around here and listening to Feist almost always makes you stop and really consider the space that you are in.

Did anyone see Mr. Leahy endorsed Obama? Which reminds me I have to send him a Thank You card about the Jubilee act, signing on to it, and if any of you want to you could call and say thank you too, and then call crazy uncle bernie and say you still havnt signed on why not? please do you crazy old man.

I have a busy day ahead of me, which will probably include checking the blog at least 8 times.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Leslie Feist, we are in Vermont...Will You Marry Me?

Its not that I am in love with her, its just that I know we are meant to be together as friends we would be so happy and we would always be together. We would do each others hair, read books, buy hipster clothes, make things..well I would watch her make things, she would sing, I would "sing" it would be happy-just plain old happy. The only reason why I would want her to marry me, is so I know she would hook me up with stuff and then my name would be Mercedes Feist, but only part time because my real name is pretty off the chain.

Also look at this girl! Road Runner Road runnnnnner if you havnt heard this album please contact me and I will send you the greatest music ear candy of your life. Besides Prince, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Feist, Michael Jackson (hello!) Stevie Wonder, and some others maybe Ace of Base:

If nothing else I just thought this "art" work with a computer looked super rad. and hipster and if this is what hipster looks like I dont want to look wrong...or not like this ahhaha

well its been a long day and I am still at work and its 5:30 and I am blogging but I kinda dont want to go home because then I will have to do laundry, and there is so much to learn, do, and read at work that I kinda want to stay... ooo I am going to a 4 hour meeting tomorrow about Vulture Funds!! I am so excited if you dont know what they are I wrote a song about it goes like this:

"Vulture funds is a name given to a company that seeks to make profit by buying up 'bad' debt at a cheap price, then trying to recover the full amount of debt , often by suing through the courts. Such companies often describe themselves as 'distressed debt funds'. Some target failing companies, but Jubilee USA is focused on those that target poor country governments. These vulture fund companies tend to be quite secretive, and many of them are based in tax havens.

When an impoverished country has outstanding debt owed to a government or a commercial creditor, there is a chance that financial organization will seek to buy that debt at reduced prices and seek repayment of the orignal amount AND MORE.

and now here is an example, Kanye why dont you explain it:
Kanye says: Donegal International sued the government of Zambia (devon, that is in a place called A-FR-CA) and won $15 million. In 1979 Zambia bought some farming shit from Romania on credit & Zambia couldnt pay it so Romania and Zambia decided to make a deal and liquidate the debt but then Donegal swooooped down and bought that shit and made $15 mill off of it...get it?"

Thank you kanye.
I like when people read things out loud and then say "end quote"

what i like better than that is you friends!

ALso I have realized that college does two things: leaves you with lots of debt AND on the positive side, teaches you to shower and get ready very FAST if need be.

I hate showering wow this is long so peace out.

champagne and caviar.....

this is my life of luxury.. sippin on some champagne while my maid cleans up the house and is packing my things.. obviously! i cannot be bothered with such things as this. i would much rather lay on my ass and have various men massage me while i click up my heals and eat grapes dangling from a string. clearly devon, my life is better than yours.
anyway... nafisa lets hang out damnit! i left you a message lets make some plizannsss.. school is so overated. just skip it already.
i am actually getting a massage today that i am totally psyched about, tylers parents got me a gift card for christmas and im totally thrilled about it. maybe it will help me stop being such a stress case and stop freaking out a bit. maybe if i could wake my sorry ass up in the morning to do some stuff i woul dhave more time. hmm.. interesting.
going along with that presidential canidiate and racism talk i was reading in time magazine that the amount of times that vogue magazine has put a black male on the cover since 2005 has been 5 times, and the number that a black female has been on since the magazine has begun in the like, 1890s or something has only been 3!!! that is just so insane to me, i honestly dont understnad how that woman could have been making the claims that she was making in that article you were talking about nafisa. ridiculous. ive decided that we should all move to............................................................................................ somewhere else. i vote europe somewhere, or a beautiful sunny beachy island full of lots of frozen drinks, sun, sand and hot men...? not joking. lets just go alreayd its fricken freezing here anyway. and yes devon, i will probablly be wearing five coats today. im going to try and go to that rip off a place platos closet today and see if they will take,, hmm... any of my stuff and if not, imseriously just not even dealing, im just saying donate it all. im so sick of trying to deal with those people anwya, but all the money i can get is great. i honestly , no joke.. had a dream that i was in cash cab and that i won 900 dollars.. and totally didnt have to worry abotu moving costs or rent. how funny/sad is that.. becuase i was so excited and relieved only to wake up and realize it was completely false. yuck. i guess at least i wasnt in cash cab with some amazingly dreamy guy and won the money... because then id have to split it, AND wake up to the fact that it was all a melancholy dream. blasphemous. okay.. gotta go. im writing an essay for the chicago teaching fellowship trying to get in .... lets see how this goes.
loves xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i never wanna right anything these days because i feel like i'm just going to be whiney and annoying. my life is SO HARD. you guys just don't understand because all of your lives are really easy and meaningless. unlike mine. which is so hard.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


i am a 95 yr old woman

couple questions pimp: how could you pass up the celtics?!!!? you do know that k.g. plays for them now don't you? he's in my top 3 ball players of ALL TIME! tell drew if you don't appreciate them...shit, i'll go with him. hahaa. and we all know your ass is NOT getting up to go meet them if you "take a nap". please. oooh, can you ask drew to take a pic of me with him next time in case he gets within arms reach of ray allen. actually, tell him to bring it regardless....depending on how strong his arm is, he can probably just crumple it up and throw it onto the court. along the same lines....can pastors date? cause yours sounds pretty amazing. i'll definitely make sure to go to church with you when i visit. i'll even buy a necklace with a cross on it so he thinks i'm super close with jesus. (sidenote: i'm totally going to hell.)
oh my word, my manager has been really layin into me about guys lately. she's trying to set me up with this kid mike that i work with (devie, the one i told you about) and yesterday she says to me, "are you dating anyone right now?" i laughed. out loud. for a long time. then she says "you must get asked out a lot". this was followed by more laughter. i WISH! shit, i'm ready to say yes to the next person who asks me to do anything. short of a neoconservative asshole, i pretty much have no other conditions. you know what, scratch that. dinner would be a guaranteed good time. for me at least...hahaaa.
so, i'm putting a link for the snl opening chris rock did. hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as i did. the last part gets me manhttp://video.aol.com/partner/hulu/saturday-night-live-chris-rock-open/5zcl12S8ZJoDN_F3qc8WVjCfiYGpHTF- mercedes, we might get a run at the white house soon. let's share our terms together and have sleepovers in the oval office. devie can decorate the grounds and am can make the menu for our thursday night group dindins.
watching cnn as we speak. yes, it's 10:56pm on a saturday night and i'm sitting in my living room with my 51yr old mother. that was mean. what does her age have to do with anything? i'm typing as though i can't just freakin press the backspace button. man, i'm crazy. anyhoo, they just interviewed chris rock. coincidence? or the universe?...and he said: "george bush has done such a bad job in the last seven yrs, that he's made it hard for a white man to run for office!" ooooohhweeee! he gets me every time. ok, i think i've amply made up for my absence and i will now retire from the blog. au revoir.

heavy hitters

well fida you have said a lot
and I have a lot to say to that
well actually maybe I dont, most of what I did when reading that was just nod my head. I agree with everything you said and I esp. enjoy the piece about you saying that Obama should not wave his half race like a banner... how true
lets start calling him white
oo and I wanted to add, I giggled twice while reading your first entry-therefor I rule the post still within the funny realm.

last night i went to bed at 11:30 on a friday nigggght-does that hurt me inside? yes it dooooes.

Tonight drew and his cronnies are going to the celtics game, i am not
-instead I will be taking a nap and then TRYING to meet up with them and go out after... hahah

Church tomorrow excited about that, if anyone does come down and visit make sure to book flights or other modes of transport for after noon on sunday because church is soo much fun. and my pastor is so smart, plus he is attractive, great smile, great heart and mind also. He was talking about immigration last time I was there and telling us how he felt like they are the new scapegoats of america just like jewish, gay, black, muslim, etc have been in the past. I love him.

sometimes i think about this race stuff that we will never get it.
you know those people who say-why cant black people just get over it
hahah i hear that and pledge to not get over it for the rest of my life plus 20 years for every time that is said
hopefully on this blog we can achieve two things, well really just one since we are already funny and that is a way in which our inter racial friendship where we are not afraid to talk about hard things can be an inspiration to others out there,
but our funnies they will never achieve

one drop...

i promise this is the last sociopolitical rant i will post...tonight. i was just thinking about the way we label people in this country. i understand very well all the historical reasons why we identify obama as black, even though his blackness only comes from one parent. if we reversed things, it would be just as correct to call him white. but my, doesn't that sound ridiculous? so, we refer to him as black. fine, but isn't he the least racially charged candidate one could imagine? shit, if my black ass was running, i would be talking about all the problems minorites face: inner-city life: quality housing, education, employment, you could go on for days. the disproportionate number of black males in prison. etc, etc, ETC. but do you ever hear this man talk about black folks. not really. do you hear him say "when i am the first black president of the united states of america"? HELL no. of couse, we shouldn't expect him to wave his half-race like a banner, but then why should we analyze his candidacy through a racial lens? i am so sick of hearing about his fricken darkenoughskinned self! he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents...his father left him at the age of 2 and he only saw him once more after that. why can't we just listen to his message, review his voting history, analyze the other candidates, and make our vote accordingly. no, if you support or vote for him, you're voting for a black man. period.

one-way ticket to africa/italia/france/anywherebutthisfrickencountry

i know i haven't written in a minute...been caught up with work, painting, and listening to the same ole bullshit on cnn, msnbc, etc. the occasional quick flip to foxnews just to see what those assholes are talking about..see if i can catch someone saying some racist shit. sidenote: anyone watch when that newscaster urged white people to do their duty and make more babies in anticipation for the minority population takeover. crazy stuff.

watched the first two acts of when the levees broke today and will be fuming for life...it's amazing how you can never exhaust the supply of anger that's held within you and reserved for those moments when you're faced with such...i don't think there's a single word suitable for describing what those people went through. it was like when i thought i had reached the depth of my hatred and disgust for bush and his administration and then found out they knew in august that iran wasn't actively trying to attain nuclear power, but tried to lead us into another war anyway. God, these people are fucking sick. realizing this post is not "so funny".

anyway, just read this op-ed gloria steinem wrote for the ny times: "women are never front-runners". emailed it to you pimp, but thought you all might be interested...basically, she claims that the only reason obama is seen as more viable, over clinton, is due to his gender. black males, she claims, have been given more opportunities than white women in this country. "gender is probably the most restricting force in american life" i don't know what country this woman lives in, but it sure as hell isn't the america i know and hate...needless to say, a lot of people have been responding to her piece. what i find most problematic (and "what worries me") is her failure to address the issue/existence of BLACK WOMEN! yes, we do exist...us chosen ones who have been blessed with membership of both minority groups. hallelujah. not only that, but have black women not suffered at the hands of racial bigotry? reading her article, you would think that it was only black men who were sold into slavery, stripped of their rights, beaten, and killed. i would love to ask her what the fuck does it matter that black men were given the right to vote before white women if institutionalized racism and the promise of violence kept them from fully employing that right until after white women received it? what's ironic about the whole freakin article is that hillary clinton IS a front-runner and has been for almost all of the 2 million years this election season has been going on for. if clinton is given the nomination, steinem doesn't even have a leg to stand on. anyways, this quote was one of my favorites from the responses i read: "So, I’m supporting Senator Barack Obama because he’ll be a great president. And, not because he’s Black." preach.

earlier today after watching the documentary, i was thinking: man, if i could just get george bush in a room....the things i would say to him. and ms. rice too...let's throw her in there and find out how she sleeps at night. shopping for ferragamo shoes and playing tennis while people who look like her are struggling for their lives...then using her identity as an african-american when it's convenient to do so. now, i'll add this steinem lady to my list. i need to get oprah on the phone and make it happen.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Whats scary to me, and I mean so scary is that I have no recollection of those pictures... who IS that man is YES INDEED the question. AND how did I get that shot in my hand, I thought I had just the little one, ONE-- but that one looks full, and I def remember taking the first shot, and if you notice in the picture that shot is full

f hard liqour

glad i gave that up...or now use it in moderation

ok peace I am going to hear that founder of the Grammen bank speak and am so excited!!


who is that guy anyway?


mercedes boyfriend is really good looking isnt he? im glad he could make it that night.

okay im back

scatter brained.
okay.. waht was i talking about? oh. the new wyclef cd. you all should definetly get down.. it is .. how to put it? remarkable? so after carting my dear beloved sister around.. for shall i say life.. i am back to the drawing bored and as usual, avoiding the shower. i must get in shortly, as i have to work tonight but we all know procrastination is my middle name.
fizzle after those little songs of yours thanks to you i cannot get that song out of my head... second time was a charm, much better than the first.
i am not the worst blogger! i am getting much better, and its hard without my own computer anymore, and no access at work.
how was san fran murda? was it all that youd hoped for? i cannot believe you are doing all this traveling for your work.. its pretty sick actually. i cant wait to get a big girl job and move from coast to coast. for right now i guess ill just get half way in between both.
just bought old school and anchorman.. cant wait to watch them, reminds me of you girls.. memeber when we saw anchorman at that movie theater on williston road, it was the last night of its existence adn teh people totally just pocketed our money? yeah that was cool.
murda i laughed so hard at all of your pics and your comments.. i was so pleased they were actually up there due to wide request... i do have some funny ones for you girls though that i am not sure if you have witnessed... let me figure out how to upload...


so im here.
arent you proud?
and i laugh out loud regularly at this blog, which means of course, it is highly successful.
in case you guys havent heard it, which im sure you havent... the wyclef cd, the new one, is the best thing of my life currently.
ok just kidding about this blog, erin is here to pick me up and ill have to come back soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pictures in Motion

these are a couple of models I found before the party. oh what? is it a big deal? no I do it all the time

I don't know if you know but i Fucking Party With Models

"What do you think of these hmmmm?"

I made this myself for dinner tonight bitches who says I cant cook?

"oooo why must you put that stupid hat on a child who has no choice?" Fidadi Dodi

result laughing and taking drive by photos of small stupid child...stupid


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i wish the timestamps were accurate so that i really had 3 more hours before i had to go to bed.

i'm working at the bakery tomorrow which means waking up at 5:30 (or as tyler will argue: alarm at 5:30, awake by 6) which means going to bed at 11 which means its already past my bedtime but it also means that sometimes when you're pretending to be a grown person you can't go to sleep at 11 because it's stupid. caitlin made a wonderful giant meal and i'm laying in bed feeling it move through all the parts of my digestive system as we 'speak'. i'm anxiously waiting for the results of my food allergy test to come in the mail so that maybe i can know if i have to just stop eating something and i'll feel fine. which would be great. but very sad for the thing i can no longer eat, and for me who can no longer eat it.

ok, i gotta say, FINALLY to amber. too bad you were already voted worst blogger in the world ever even before your first post. you've got an uphill battle, my friend. welcome, regardless.

also, as an explanation to why there is a 'vermont' and the time stamp is so f'd up.... well, i'm an idiot. not for the time stamp thing because it did that to me too when i started my first blog and i only just figured out how to change it. i need to log into the account and fix it. but for the actual 'i'm an idiot' moment i started a whole new account (gmail and all) for whyarewesofunny the person because i thought i couldn't just add it on to my existing account which i later found out i could. so when i was registering whyarewesofunny the person it asked for a display name and i typed 'vermont' because i felt confused. needless to say, vermont is a contributor, if not the founder, of our dear blog even though he refuses to participate and may even be a worse blogger than amber. but i doubt it. ;)